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New member
Aug 4, 2021
I love the phone but I hate Google
I'm sure a lot of people here have done there research on this phone and I was wondering if if there was a list of freeware for for this phone that is Google free as I have found one of the dev codes that will disable everything Google including the messanger app and keyboard but not the phone or certain apps installed before Google disappeared


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Oct 27, 2021
I'm having a issue with my wp 7. I was wondering if anyone else with this phone is having the same issue, i think its actually water damage from putting the phone in a bowl of water for a few minutes soon after i took it out of the box.

Phone worked great, when i selected night in the camera mode, it switched to night vision. Later that day it was boot looping but after a power + vol up, seemed fine. I didn't even think about the water, the phone says submersible on it. Then night camera setting started causing it to say the camera or lamp is occupied. But if i hit the button to switch to front camera, it switches to night vision! Also im pretty sure i saw moisture on one of the lenses at one point. Has anyone else had similar issues? I flashed an android 9.0 firmware on it but still acted the same. Back on 10 now. Does water damage cause weird stuff like this?
I am really curious about this issue as well. My phone is doing something similar, but I don't suspect water is involved. My camera app will launch, but the buttons won't work and the camera screen stays black. I added a new camera app and got the front camera to work, but when I switched to the back, it still won't work. I cleared the partition and now neither app works. I get a message saying that the camera is unavailable.
I am totally at a loss on this, so if someone has a potential solution I am all ears. Thanks.

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