[OUTDATED] Schap's WM6 Pro 3.57a multilanguages ROMs [WWE|FRA|GER]


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Oct 27, 2006
Main features:
  • Official Hermes WM6 build (OS 5.2.1437 build 17944.0.3.1)
  • Newest OEM components
  • 100% Translated user interface (OS & OEM apps)
  • Localized hardware & software keyboard layout
  • HSDPA enabled
  • Video call enabled (New build)
  • Smart dialing enabled (New build)
  • VOIP enabled
  • Windows Update enabled
  • Office Mobile 2007 (New build)
  • OneNote Mobile 2007
  • Office Zip and Fax viewers
  • Windows Live (Official build)
  • Remote Desktop Mobile
  • All bugs from the previous versions should be fixed!
OEM applications:
  • Camera app 4.0 (New version)
  • Comm Manager 1.7 (new version)
  • Comm vibrate button
  • SIM Manager 6.16 (New version)
  • Bluetooth FTP 1.2 (New build)
  • SAP Settings 2.02 (New build)
  • Task Manager 1.51 (new build)
  • Audio Manager 1.2 (New version)
  • HTC Bluetooth QuickLink (new version)
  • HTC Home 1.5 (New 6-tabs version)
  • Today Music Plug-in (New build, compatible with Audio Manager and WMP)
  • Voice Recorder 1.10 (New version)
  • ArcSoft MMS 4.0 (New version)
  • Streaming Player 2.10h (New version)
  • GIF Player 1.10
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader LE 2.0 (New version)
  • Adobe Flash Lite 2.1
  • Pocket RAR 3.60
  • Jbed Java Midlet Manager 2007.04.25
  • Jeyo SMS Backup 1.1
  • SuperBright (VJLumosIII)
  • FlashLight (VJCandelaLite)
  • FieldTest 1.57
  • Advanced configuration tool (New version)
  • Automatic operator settings configuration (new version)
  • VoIP configuration (New version)
Some tweaks:
  • OS only ROM
  • Free extended ROM
  • 4MB pagepool
  • Big storage
  • Optimized cache
  • Best Bluetooth A2DP settings
  • Bluetooth DUN support
  • Avoid MicroSD issues
  • SDHC support
  • Improved power management
  • Automatic network time/zone synchronization
  • Supports new GSM/UMTS bands
  • Error report disabled
  • Customer feedback removed
  • Integration with Vista WMDC
  • Date on single line
  • 3G icon & prefix
  • Nicer 3G icon
  • Nicer PINpad
  • Nicer font
  • Nicer keyboard
  • New official bootscreen
  • New shortcuts keys (New SMS, battery, Task Manager, soft-reset,...)
  • Button 5 mapped to New SMS
  • Subfolders in Start menu
  • Schap's theme
  • Schap's Comm Manager (12 functions)
  • Schap's battery indicator
  • Schap's Power & Wireless service Manager (shows Bluetooth/Wi-Fi on traybar)
  • Schap's Vista look icons
Extra bonus:
(Stuffs written in purple are present only in Full version ROMs)

Enjoy Schap's style in your language... :cool:

Download links:
  • Other languages will come when I will have enough time/motivation...

Release notes:
  • 22/07: WWE Full & Lite versions available
  • 23/07: IR beam & USB connection bugs fixed - Recommanded update!
  • 26/07: FRA Full & Lite versions available
  • 28/07: GER Full & Lite versions available
  • 28-07: WWE & FRA ROMs updated - Some changes & bug fixes:
    • All bugs related to HTC Home should be solved
    • Backlight button in HTC Home now works, updated some icons
    • New button commands (New SMS, Task Manager,...) fixed in French ROMs
    • Send picture/video via MMS should work now on WWE Lite ROM
    • Bluetooth DUN added to WWE Lite ROM
    • Official Windows Live build
    • Error opening GIF images solved
    • Some codecs updated
    • Some other fixes that I don't remember...
  • 30/07: 3G Video patch
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crazy cat

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Jan 17, 2007
Please 3 and not 2 ROMS:

Full - include all applications
HTC ver. - include only the HTC apps (based on the light rom) + the tweaks
Light - A ROM without the apps + the tweaks

Keep your work, your the best! :D
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Jun 3, 2007

Merci à toi Schap's !
Très bon boulot !

Est ce que tu pourrais mettre ta rom sur un autre serveur que rapidshare s'il te plait merci !
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Feb 3, 2006
Aaaah, your are my personal god;), that is great job!!! You are doing amazing work...
All main mistakes are gone, speed and stability are cool!
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Jun 17, 2007
THANKS AGAIN. I pretty surprized with your determination. i'm really a noob, i jus recently got into this stuff. I learned so much in the past months, now i'm so interested. Keep up the good work.


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Sep 7, 2005
I'll give this new one a try too! :)

I am missing something, I can't connect with VoIP (always Searching...), maybe wrong configuration in my home network... So I couldn't test if sound was working or not, could other people confirm that we can't hear anything from internal speaker during a VoIP call? Does it works with external speaker on? Do the official ROMs have the same issue?
No, turning on the External Speaker did not help at all, matter of fact the darn Ext Speaker Icon got stuck on and I had to SR to get it to go away. [Edit: this was in the beta ROM, I'll report update with the release]
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Sep 7, 2005
Okay its the same with the release and Internet Phone.

E/3G Gizmo connection not possible
Wifi Dial out does not seem possible
Wifi Dial in possible but no loud speaker on Hermes.
After one dial in or one attempt to dial out, dial in does not seem possible - unless you are into VoIP Settings and click "Done". Assume this resets the Gizmo connection.

As for the dial out error:
"Cannot complete the call. The signal may be unavailable or the phone number may not be valid. Verify the number or try again later."

I may be dialing the number wrong but I tried all ways:
+1 512
00 1 512
and no prefix numbers before the 7 digit number.


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Jun 7, 2004
I am absolutely astonished by the spped, I mean: my Tytn never was so fast before, nor even with the 3,30c.

I installed the full version and over it i Installed Skype, spb backup, xnview, a kaiser like Home plug, and Efficasoft GPRS traffic.

Well everything fly, also if i go to browse the window directory i just need a few seconds to do it.

Thanks again Shaps.