Outdoor mode enabled for always (Fix display problems)

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Oct 5, 2015
Please reply 🙏

I'm a big fan of one ui ⭐

But my both galaxy note 9 devices haveing same flickering yellow tint brightness issue.

It's fixed by setting up brightness to maximum level on aosp ROM and bypassed yellow tint brightness issue and control brightness using a app called PWMfree.


It's a very different story when it's a Samsung rom they don't allow to reach maximum brightness.

But when outdoor mode enabled 100% problem solved. The main problem is outdoor mode is only able to keep it up 15 minutes. I know it's basically a protection to keep my display safe but I can't use Samsung roms because of this problem.

Can anyone give me a mod or fix or something for Samsung roms to keep on always outdoor mode enabled...

(Really important for me to fix a big issue)

I recently had a app called - high brightness mod -
Buts it's not working properly but it's the only way to use Samsung roms for me the app is not updated for a long time. It's a pretty good app but have lot of issues not working properly.