Outlook.com EAS burning through App Passwords


Senior Member
Nov 27, 2007
I have an Outlook.com email account (@hotmail.com, actually) and 2FA on my Microsoft account. Per https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...mail-app-71147974-7aca-491b-978a-ab15e360434c I have the Gmail app configured to use ActiveSync to connect to my account and I've been using it in that configuration for a long time now. To get past the 2FA requirement for login Microsoft accounts have an "app password" you can generate that works as a non-2FA password to allow "applications" such as Gmail to log in.

Recently - the past few weeks - for some reason Gmail on my phone will tell me I need to reenter my creds for mail to sync. When I reenter the same creds I've been using it tells me it can't reach the server (BS). If I log in to my Microsoft account and generate a new app password Gmail takes it, resumes syncing, and does so for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. At that point it all starts over and I have to generate a new app password.

I've tried clearing out Gmail's data along with a force stop, then re-adding the account just as it was before. Unfortunately the same problems starts happening again. I have this same EAS configuration set up on other devices (an iPad for one) and it works flawlessly without this credential issue. Any ideas what could be going wrong here?
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