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Jun 2, 2016
even opening simple apps is so much slow in this fone.
I have tried everything, like used bitdefender to scan for viruses, even tried factory resetting it but still nothing
its performance is same, very bad
before this one I have redmi 4A and it was flawless for basic usage but with somewhat better specs in this, this one is really bad.
any suggestions ?

Facing the same issue, mine is 2GB/32GB Did you find any solutions? I'm planning to flash a custom ROM. Worth trying?

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    I've bought a 3/32GB Redmi 7 as a replacement for my ageing LG L90 (T-Mobile D415 model, stored just in case, with LOS Nougat installed).

    So far, this device delivers, 32GB of internal storage is more than enough for my needs, and while 3GB of RAM isn't a lot, it's good for a recently released midranger, and a huge improvement from my previous daily driver.

    I picked up my new phone on Monday afternoon so at this date I've almost a week with it and I'm satisfied with it. It's snappy and MIUI is smooth as a hot knife on butter (At this date with Global 10.3.1 installed). The Snapdragon 632 is both power efficient and packs a decent punch on most games (Don't ask me about PUBG or similar games, I didn't install them yet). Performance for the money is really good.

    The stock camera gives some nice photos, but improves greatly with the proper GCam port, if you can tweak it manually, then you're set up.

    Battery performance is top notch, with mild to relatively heavy usage I can reach a full day of battery, may be a bit more, the included charger can replenish it from flat to 100% on the 2-hour mark, a decent time given the battery size.

    If you want a budget midranger with a solid build, nice features, large screen and battery with good performance, go for the Redmi 7 if you can't get the Note 7 (As in my case)
    Would you say that the Xiaomi Redmi 7 is "fast" in day-to-day use? A higher rating indicates that you think the Xiaomi Redmi 7 exhibits fantastic performance. Like, is it as fast as your tears when you watch The Titanic?

    Then, drop a comment if you have anything to add!
    Speedy, top notch for me

    This thing is toooooooo slowwwwww im really think to return it.......just a couple of days....and im not happy with the outcome
    Not sure what you're used to, but I would never ever say that this phone is "slow" / "sluggish" or anything related to that..
    The chipset of this phone (which is the Snapdragon 632) is a power efficient and fast CPU delivering super exciting speed and usability experience which I haven't seen yet on any phone with such a low price.
    Ever used an Umidigi A3 Pro? No offense, great phone - but this thing is slow af (MTK6739) compared to Xiaomi's Redmi 7.

    When it comes to speed, my friends - don't mind buying this phone. You'll be happy, I promise.

    Perfect phone at the perfect price, but

    It's a fantastic phone with almost everything that a phone will deserve at this price point. It's got a great Snapdragon processor, dual-camera and a great non-intrusive water-drop notch. The screen is really good, so are the speakers! I have found some mods of Google Camera, that work outstandingly well, without root. The battery life is exuberant, like seriously awesome, just disable adaptive brightness, and you're set to roll! The standby I'm getting is ~3 days and with continuous usage, I easily get a battery life of ~10 hours (heavy usage -> watching videos, playing random games and browsing). Another thing to keep in mind would be to disable personalized advertisements, as they sometimes seem really personal.
    And that's pretty much it!