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Dec 1, 2005
Battery saver option is disabling background apps.
Noticed your app is using a background service (accessibility service) to receive events from the system.
I can use your app to remap buttons if I enable battery saver?

Autoanswer: App also works if battery saver mode enabled


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Dec 1, 2005
I have disabled Samsung Pay app via "pm disable-user" command and the app isn't launching GPay anymore when I long press the watch down button.


Oct 28, 2017
just a note, after installing GW4 Remap (by the way, thanks, it's awesome), I noticed that the watch was making a weird click sound when the display was turned off.

The noise disappeared after a reboot. I just wanted people to know because it took me 2 days to think about rebooting it lol
I have disabled Samsung Pay app via "pm disable-user" command and the app isn't launching GPay anymore when I long press the watch down button.
It works by launching your app if choice over Samsung Pay. That's why it needs accessibility service to detect when it's in the foreground. If you disable Samsung Pay it won't work. I recommend just not activating Samsung Pay but leaving it enabled

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    Small update:
    • Added Ultimate Alexa as a predefined target
    • Changed the name to GW4 Remap (Please uninstall the old version manually)
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    Oswald Boelcke
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    I've added the ability to define custom rules now.
    Theres also a bunch of predefined applications included (as entering the package/activity names on the watch is a pain):

    As sources:
    • Bixby
    • Samsung Pay
    • Power Menu (this one is using special logic)
    As targets:
    • Google Pay
    • Google Assistant Go
    Please tell me if there's something missing you'd like to see added.

    I haven't done Android stuff for quite some time so I decided to quickly throw something together.
    This doesn't require a connection to the phone.
    Seems to work nicely for now (though I haven't tested actually paying with it yet)

    Source and instructions are available here:
    i found these in logcat entries, this is what happens when the back button is long pressed


    i don't have samsung pay in my country so long pressing is useless. maybe someone could implement a listener for this AKEY_EVENT_FLAG_LONG_PRESS thing and have it do something else