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Overview of installed package names, app names, version name and code on a specific device

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Nov 12, 2011
I want to have an overview of all apps listed on my system with their package name, app name, version name and code and whether it is a system or third party app.
If it is a separate list with third party and another one with system apps that's ok to.
I keep al list of installed apps (third party and system) where I have the version number and whether it is an updated system app or not.
This is to have an overview if I ever have to reinstall my phone.
I know I can get names with adb commands but I do not know to get all of this data on one line with semi-colons as separators.
Up to now I haven't found any app giving me this list.
Both solutions are good but maybe a script or command(s) is easier then I can figure out how it works if I ever need more information.
Up to now I have found
adb shell commands but after struggling to get a good version of aapt and to move and execute it on the device.
In the end I keep having problems with the following lines
adb shell /data/local/tmp/aapt-arm-pie d badging $pkg | awk -F: '
$1 == "application-label" {print $2}'

Before I had a problem that aapt could not be executed but now I get
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `|'

So If somebody can tell me how to fix this it is already ok but other solutions are very welcome
I could get a similar script (the oneliner in the text) running where I should get application name and version but the ouput was garbled the first part of all the different lines seems to be written only with a line feed, anyway the first part of the output was all overwritten on the same line.
For information , my phone is on Android 11, I saw somewhere that you do not have execution rights on /data/local/tmp but for me that did not seem to be the problem.


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Jul 11, 2009
European Union
AFAIK neither awk nor print are applets that come with Android's Toybox.

Also aapt2 isn't needed to gather the infos you want to get, they all can be got by means of pure ADB commands, IMO.

A directory as /data/local/tmp never can have execution rights, because it's merely a container where files can get stored.
As with Android only binaries ( as aapt2 ) and scripts can get executed and this only if they are allowed to get executed.
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