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OWNICE K7 (C970) (TS10) uis7862

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Sep 1, 2021
Hi all, not sure if this has been mentioned or maybe it's just my unit that is having this problem, but whenever I set my default nav to Sygic, Waze or google maps, and I turn the car off and then come back the 3 screens that are supposed to be nav, speed and music, the nav screen is just blank. I need to open the nav app and then it will show there. It happens every time I turn the car off. I've tried to mark those apps as stay on when in sleep but it doesn't help.


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Apr 13, 2021
Please how do I activate 360⁰ camera on k7. After reset it's asking for activation


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Jul 4, 2007
Hi guys, just installed my HU in my car and started driving to another city. While stopping at the gas station, I did all the updates online from the "about" section and I assume I'm up to date right now. Iv read the previous posts and the updates were made manually however now I received a new update and the HU updated automatically online. Is this possible ?

Secondly I have a very simple question, when I turn off my engine, I want to HU to goto sleep as well. And once I start the engine again I want the HU to wake up from where it's left.

I couldn't find the setting for it ? Can you please show me ....


Apr 27, 2008
Yes, in the US. I tried to account for that when ordering from AliExpress... but I just don't have experience anticipating possible US-centric glitches. the ordering dynamic, customer service expectations, and of course delivery time-frames are all so different from Amazon, which is my usual go-to mass retailer.

I'll try Red Rocket pre-paid; Thanks for the info!! The cost will net out to be about the same; although the data isn't unlimited like my Verizon account so I probably won't be able to set up a mobilel hotspot inside my car, LOL.

As for the Maps UI weirdness; it was being caused by the poorly designed Ownice Launcher app. I guess launcher's 'skin' the maps app to customize it to their functionality..? I installed an alternate launcher via the Play store and the useless UI doesn't take over anymore.
Hi I have the same problems with Google maps on my K7. Which launcher did you install?
With my french sim card, it is detected sometimes but if the K7 does not detect it then even a reboot does nothing and it needs a full shut off of the car many hours and sometimes the K7 detects it and some times not.
I just update the CPU firmware yesterday and no detection any more of the SIM card
I am very sad about this purchase previously I had the ownice c500 Android 6 and it was working better... But it is old and heavy with its useless CD ROM player so I bought K7... Bad choice


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Jun 7, 2010
Hi guys, I bought K7 radio, but my screen went dark, I can turn the power on, and by memory push teh screen where my radio is - then I can hear the sound,but the screen is dark - is there any way I can do a hard reset somehow ?

My buttons -


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Oct 22, 2021
ai có thể giúp dùm tôi sơ đồ đấu dây bộ camera 360 độ tích hợp màn hình K7 . Cách đấu dây chi tiết từng camera ạ . Thank you

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    The seller replied within half a day.
    Sent the missing firmware as of 05.21 as well as the system apps,

    You have also sent an exact description of the update. I know you know! But it might help someone else!
    "System Upgrade
    1. Make sure USB Flash Drive type 3.0 or above
    2. Format USB Flash Drive on PC -- Choose file type FAT32
    3. Download upgrade file, unzip the file on PC directory
    4. Copy files from unzip folder to USB Flash Drive root directory
    5. Unplug all USB connected devices, plug the USB flash drive to normal USB port (Do not use quick charge port)
    6. Enter File Manager App to make sure upgrade files in USB Flash Drive
    7. Enter Settings--System--System Upgrade--System Local Upgrade
    8. Choose "wipe data and format flash", then choose "USB" to start upgrading, it takes about 6 minutes.
    9. After enter into the main interface, it starts automatic initialization, wait about 1 minute here untill initialization completed.
    10. Do "Reset" the machine
    11. Install APK files as needed There is a video to show you how to do update :
    After update some system app will be deleted you can download the install file in this "

    Thank you for your help!
    I don"t understand why apps go away? Are these apps not included in the firmware? If not, where are these apps stored? I reflashed with the old firmware, but not get this app back.
    In your picture, the application that is installed when choosing your car in the can-bus selection menu
    Hello fellows, Magisk 23 released

    I tried to root the TS10 boot image with Magisk 23 but it does not work yet (unit enters in bootloop mode) even if the magisk log says that the image was rooted

    Using the same method as for the TS9 firmware
    1-) K_support tool to decrypt the boot image
    2-) Magisk 23 to patch the boot.img
    3-) K-support to crypt the patched image
    4-) USB key (with patched boot image) attached to unit
    5-) Key1 cable to ground and pin in reset hole

    ---- Flash DONE. ----

    but nothing more (bootloop)

    I revert the original boot and recover the headunit with no issues

    In my very own opinion, I think that there's another some kind of protection after boot that inhibits the firmware to continue loading

    Keep searching !
    im new to this, i just got the k7 w/360 cam. do you guys know a way to change whats on the main screen to show something. like dvr on the top left.
    does your HU also take forever to load because it loads the 360 cam? is there a way to disable that?
    I'malso searching a wai to send the 360camera startup to the background

    Their launcher is customizable, but only for links located in bottom, if you need more control over the main interface, go to the Play Store and search for car launchers, you have many
    This is my firmware. Can you look for different with yours?
    I'm Korean. It's night and rainy... TT . I can't go out to parking lot.... don't have an umbrella. I will massage to you about firmware i recieved.