Oxygen OS 11 OPEN Beta 4 is out.

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Nov 9, 2012
So, just to confirm... You install stable 11 (EU) over beta 4 (Global) ?
You didn't use any other rom to go back to 10 and then to install stable 11....
Yes. It wasn't possible with the release zip for stable because the build date was before the build date for OB4. But with the stable version it is possible again because build is more recent.
Just realize it formats storage so keep backups in the cloud or on external storage if you need them.
I haven't relock my bootloader but have test global stable oos 11 and ob4 and widevine is working fine even on the different custom roms I have tested it still active. Remember to root and hide magisk for it to activate in case you don't have it yet, that simple step might help you.
I tried that, too On beta 4, after unlocking and installing magisk, the device not only remained on L3 but became uncertified in Google Play. It looks like this might be a specific problem to me: I have an HD1907 that was converted by OnePlus to use the general North American firmware of HD1905--these were sold by B&H on closeout at the end of last year. See here:
This is the relevant bit:

I don't know how to account for not having Widevine/becoming uncertified otherwise. It's strange that the behavior is not the same for Beta 4 than for the mainline, and I think I'm the only one whose testified to this so far.
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  • Oct 29, 2015
    If anyone is interested in flashing some audio mods I know it's been a pain with ob4 trying to make sound mods work, ryuki mods has several that work perfectly. In this case his dts x ultra mods works well ll with OB4.


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