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Oxygen OS 11 - Released as a part of Developer Preview 3 - OnePlus 8 Series

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Dec 14, 2014
Oneplus had been teasing the release of their latest Android 11 build of Oxygen OS. It is named as Oxygen OS 11 (Hydrogen OS 11 for china). They have offically made it availble for users to triy out these build. They are relaeased as a part of Develeoper preview and it might be buggy. Open Beta and stable release are planned for comming months. For OnePlus 7T/7/6 series the stable release would be planned by december.

New feature comming to Oxygen OS 11:

1. New visual design (including Weather app, Launcher, Gallery, Notes)
2. New layout for more comfortable and convenient one-handed operation
3. Always-on display function, including 11 new clock styles
4. Live wallpaper that changes according to the time of day
5. New OnePlus Sans font that improves readability
6. Optimized Dark Mode, including the ability to automatically turn on and off and a shortcut in Quick Settings
7. 3 new Zen Mode themes, more timing options, and new Group feature to let you experience Zen Mode with your friends
8. New Gallery function that automatically creates a weekly story based on your photos and videos

If you can't wait for stable release and want to try the build now then you can refer : {Mod edit}
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