[OxygenOS] RENOVATE ICE 2.0 | OP8Pro & OP8


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Feb 21, 2011

RenovateICE is a Magisk Module based on Stock OxygenOS Android 11.

It consists of custom OxygenOS system modifications and coding which in turn creates an amazing combination of customization, functionality and stability to improve the experience on your OP8/OP8Pro.

The big advantage of running RenovateICE is that you get a complete systemless module which does not touch the actual System or Vendor partitions. This allows for a clean, fluid and stable working module, which can be easily removed if there is something you don’t like.

All of this is designed for one purpose *Simplicity* for the user.

Unlike other magisk modules, system framework and application code has been edited. This means you need to be careful of what OxygenOS base you flash over the top of. For peace of mind, we have included a base detection script, which won’t allow the module to be installed over any incompatible bases.

Supported OxygenOS versions
OnePlus 8: BA (EU/Global/India)
OnePlus 8 Pro: (EU/Global/India)
  • RiCE tweaks app in app drawer to control tweaks (full details of tweaks below)
  • Quick Settings & Notification Tweaks
  • Theming for Status Bar, Quick Settings and Notifications
  • Extensive Lock Screen tweaks
  • Cyberpunk theme from 8T series
  • Button remapping tweaks including torch on power key
  • Camera gestures launch default camera app rather than always OnePlus Camera
  • Added back bottom navigation gestures
  • System apps can be disabled in native app manager
  • Modified screenshots to save as PNG (extremely helpful for extended screenshots)
  • Aux camera's work in GCAM (wide lens and zoom lens)
  • None of the placebo claims of massive RAM management/speed improvements, we will let the ROM and custom options do the talking
  • Much more!

  • Enable/disable statusbar peek
  • Enable/disable double tap statusbar to sleep
  • Option for maximum number of notification icos
  • Clock position (left/right/center/disabled)
  • Global statusbar icon color
  • Per icon statusbar icon colors (premium only)

  • Enable/disable expanded notifications
  • Notification background color
  • Notification header text color
  • Notification primary text color
  • Notification secondary text color
  • Notification smart reply text color
  • Notification smart reply outline color
  • Notification expand button color
  • Notification reply button color
  • Notification action button color
  • "Other" notifications text color
  • "Other" notifications button color

  • Enable/disable oreo style quicksettings
  • Enable/disable quicksettings detail view
  • Enable/disable quicksettings tile vibration
  • Enable/disable quicksettings expand vibration
  • Enable/disable quicksettings tile labels
  • Enable/disable quicksettings date
  • Enable/disable quicksettings statusbar icons
  • Quick pulldown (disabled/right/left/always)
  • Smart pulldown (disabled/no high priority notifications/no notifications)
  • Enable/disable quicksettings pulldown blur
  • Quicksettings pulldown blur amount
  • Quicksettings pulldown blur alpha
  • Quicksettings animations
  • Quicksettings animations duration
  • Quicksettings animations interpolator
  • Enable/disable quicksettings animation on tile click
  • Enable/disable quicksettings animation on expansion
  • Compact quicksettings tile count
  • Quicksettings row count
  • Quicksettings column count
  • Dark quicksetting icons
  • Quicksettings RAM bar
  • Quicksettings scrim colors
  • Quicksetting background color
  • Global quicksetting icon colors
  • Per icon quicksetting icon colors (premium only)

  • Enable/disable randomized keypad
  • Enable/disable lockscreen clock/date
  • Enable/disable lockscreen statusbar
  • Enable/disable lockscreen power menu
  • Enable/disable lockscreen album art
  • Lockscreen album art blur amount
  • Enable/disable lockscreen shortcuts
  • Custom fingerprint icon colors
  • Lockscreen scrim colors

  • Hide keyboard selection button
  • Enabled/disable torch on power key
  • Enabled/disable torch auto off when screen on
  • Custom app remaps for all navigation bar buttons (premium only)

  • Immersive mode (disabled/enabled/per app) (per app premium only)
  • Screen off animations (stock/CRT/Scale)
  • Enable/disable all rotations
  • Enable/disable secure screenshots
  • Enable/disable waking device when USB connected
  • Enable/disable native call recording
  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale
  • Enable/disable silent notifications if screen on
  • Enable/disable unlinked notification and ringtone volume
  • Volume panel position (left/right)
  • Landscape volume panel position (left/right)

Horizon lights/ambient display
  • Option for Horizon Lights notification reminder. (repeats Horizon Lights animation every minute if unread notifications.
  • Option for Horizon Lights notification reminder vibration.
  • Option to set Horizon Lights repeat count
  • Option to set Horizon Lights repeat mode
  • Enable/disable using app color for horizon light color on new notifications
  • Custom horizon lights colors

High brightness mode
  • Enable/disable high brightness mode
  • Enable/disable auto high brightness mode (premium only)

RENOVATE ICE 2.0 - 7th December
MD5 = 8793c4b775eeb9785b19eba7cdd838f5

  • Rebased to
  • Option to set custom colors for horizon lights
  • Option for Horizon Lights notification reminder. This plays the horizon lights animation every minute if you have unread notifications
  • Option to set a repeat count on the Horizon Lights animation
  • Option to set the repeat mode on the Horizon Lights animation
  • Option to set max number of notification icons. Helpful if using center clock
  • Option to hide loud volume warning popup
  • Option to unlink ring & notification volume
  • Option for screen off animations (None/CRT/Scale)
  • Added Cyberpunk theme from 8T
  • Probably more I have forgotten

  • Initial release (everything you see in OP is everything you get!)

  • The latest OxygenOS Stock Android 11
  • Magisk 20.4 or higher

  • Flash RenovateICE via Magisk Manager
  • Reboot
  • Done and Enjoy

  • Remove RenovateICE via Magisk Manager
  • Reboot
  • Done

Feel free to join us at Telegram

Sharing policy:
Please do not take anything without asking us first.
You cannot use any of our work which hasn't been released in an official ROM release unless given express permission.
We are not responsible for anything that happens to your device while using this Module.
By using this Module you agree with the above terms.

XDA:DevDB Information
[OxygenOS] RENOVATE ICE 1.0 | OP8Pro & OP8, ROM for the OnePlus 8 Pro

mwilky, enerGy, docnok63
ROM OS Version: Android 10

Version Information
Current Stable Version: 1.0
Stable Release Date: 2020-09-08

Created 2020-09-08
Last Updated 2020-09-10
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Jul 17, 2015
[Moved to Cross Device Development]

Me? You're too kind! Ooh, the Renovate thing :silly:

Great to see your amazing work spreading to more devices, @mwilky :good:
Lol! Yea just need to get more recognition for him on this device as he had on all other devices and deserves without doubt :good: :)

Thanks for moving this to here buddy appreciate it


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2011
I'm trying to figure out how to disable system apps in the native app manager but I can't seem to find the option for it. Could someone point me in the right direction?

I am running this together with xXx, that should be fine right?

Oh, and center clock has the wrong position on OP8 Pro. Due to the camera being in-screen it's not actually centered but off to the right a bit.


Nov 22, 2017
hello, it says to me that it is not compatible with the os version, they are on android 10. I specify that I installed the xXx module, is there a compatibility issue between them?thx


Oct 20, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
hello, it says to me that it is not compatible with the os version, they are on android 10. I specify that I installed the xXx module, is there a compatibility issue between them?thx
Try to edit 'HideNoLimitsVersionInABOUTinfo' in xXx profile from 0 to 1 and reflash xXx module to make the change.
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