p20 cases, do they fit the p20 lite?

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Sep 13, 2017
Why use a P20 case on a P20 lite, when the first has the fingerprint sensor in the display?

You'll end up with a case without access to the fingerprint sensor in the back :eek:

(Changed the word "using" for "use" because I forgot how to write properly)
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    Dimensions are all within .5 mm between the 2 devices. Did anyone try?
    because nowadays no one use fingerprint..
    yeah i want to know if it fits on p20 lite, did u try?

    Our Huawei P20 Lite has 5.84 inches, 85.1 cm2(squared)
    The Huawei P20 has 5.8 inches, 84.9 cm2(squared)

    It could well fit, just try it with a cheap one and if doesn't fit just return it ;)