P20 Pro 9.0 update? (Canada)

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Jan 23, 2010
Maybe a connection problem ? It was really slow when i've done it here.

At 80-85% it droped to 100% but everything was fine.

I'm really curious to see where the "rom" is downloaded.

I'll check maybe tomorow. (wireshark)


My connection seems to be fine. I'll try one more time and if it does it again then i'll give up and just wait for rogers to finally push the update


Aug 28, 2009
Other than a bit of bloatware, is there a difference between updating via OTA vs FF/eRecovery?

If I want to go back to EMUI 8.1, is it as simple as "updating" it to 8.1 via FF or HiSuite?



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Jan 8, 2019
I must be retarded. I follow these steps, changed the primary DNS to the one assigned from Huawei but all I get is a 404 not found error. I’m getting so frustrated waiting for this gdamn update.

I got the 404 error myself too. But I ignored that and got approved for installation so I kept going and erecovery did the rest.
Just press next and make sure you get the "os is approved for installation" and register the os and try it


Jan 12, 2019
Same here, fails after download. Could not get it to say that the firmware is approved no matter what...
Looks like MT servers are down this morning, so I guess I will wait for the official update.
So far one of the most frustrating experiences --> my first and last Huawei phone.
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May 3, 2012
I have been reading through this section and others with P20 Pro users experiencing different issues with Pie ie. Possible memory leak etc. Has any of the Canadian variant users experienced any issues with upgrading. I am on Rogers still waiting for the update and looking at possibly doing it through the Firmware finder method but if people are experiencing issues I don't mind waiting until it is all rectified.
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Dec 16, 2018
St Catharines
This is beyond frustrating. I try changing DNS servers on my Cogeco router and they keep coming back as and I tried registering my device with firmware finder and booted into erecovery only to get that the latest update is the EXACT same as I already have. Do i need to disable DHCP on the router or something? My Mac finds that Huawei DNS address when I pull up the DNS addresses in Terminal but my phone doesn't connect to that Huawei page. HELP !!!! I'm with Fido and tomorrow is supposedly the last day of the rollout. There's already people bitching their P20 didn't get the update in the alloted OS update schedule so I won't be the least bit surprised when the P20 Pro users are in the same boat.

Please no assistance from the people who don't own the CLT-04 version of this phone. Our devices aren't the same and those comments while trying to be helpful only aid in confusing the situation. Apps you get in Europe or Asia you can't get in Canada.


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Jan 15, 2009
When you change DNS and stuff basically it's tricking your phone to think TeamMT(FF) server is Huawei's official server. you are NOT downloading from Huawei and I don't think Huawei will recommend this practice.

Also I notice there's a size difference between Huawei official download and FF download.

Seeing many ppl blaming Huawei for the frustrating process for upgrading, I realize they probably don't know that they are downloading a firmware for Russia. I'm not suggesting FF/Team is doing anything malisous with the firmware. Just an FYI so ppl know what they are doing.

For me I want to get official and I haven't got the upgrade yet. It's not that frustrating. You just have to be patient.

My wife got it her IMEI ends with 310*****, then my friend with 314*****, mine is the newest 315*****. So hopefully it will be soon for me.


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Jan 26, 2008
What I find interesting is that Rogers has removed the update to Pie schedule from their website. There is currently no update schedule for the P20 Pro.....to be continued [emoji848]

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Jan 23, 2015
My wife got it her IMEI ends with 310*****, then my friend with 314*****, mine is the newest 315*****. So hopefully it will be soon for me.
I don't know about the reliability here. My IMEI is 308***** on Bell and still no update received.

Huawei Canada support told me...

"We widely appreciate you taking the time to contact us today and for showing interest in our products. We will be more than happy to assist you regarding the update for your Huawei P20 Pro device.

We are glad to inform you that the estimated time for the Android P update to be released, via HOTA (Huawei Over the Air) is around mid-to-late of January 2019.

Remember that the updates are released by regions (Europe, America and, Asia and Africa) and by batches as well. When an update is released, it takes some time, generally it can take 2-3 months for the update to reach all devices.

Moreover, you can also attempt the following steps:

Performing a wireless update (HOTA)


Ensure that your Phone is connected to the Internet before updating. Connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid incurring data charges.

Ensure that your Phone has at least 20% battery power remaining.


Go to Settings> System> System update> Check for updates to check whether an update is available. If so, touch the new version to download the upload package. You will be automatically prompted to restart your Phone and install the update.

If your Phone indicates that you are using the latest system version, touch Settings> System> System update> Download latest full package to manually update your phone. Do not touch the power button or use your Phone during the update process. Wait for a few minutes until your Phone has finished updating and automatically restarts.

Some Phones do not feature the Download latest full package option.

If the issue persists, back up your data and take your device and Proof of Purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

Using eRecovery to restore your system

If your phone does not power on or frequently crashes, use eRecovery to restore your system.


Your phone must be connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi. For best results, connect to a home network.

Ensure that your Phone has at least 15% battery power remaining.


Power off your Phone and connect it to a computer with a USB cable. Hold down the volume-up and power buttons for 15 seconds to enter eRecovery mode.

Touch Download latest version and recovery on the eRecovery screen.

Touch Download and recovery on the downloads screen. Your Phone will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.

Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password to connect.

Your Phone will automatically download the recovery package. Wait for a few minutes until the package has finished downloading.

Your Phone will automatically install the recovery package and restart.

If you are unable to restore your system, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

Using HiSuite to perform an update


On your computer, download and install the latest version of HiSuite.

Ensure that your Phone has at least 20% battery power remaining.

Scenario 1: If your Phone boots normally, perform a system update.


Connect your Phone to the computer. Open HiSuite and click System update.

Your Phone will automatically restart and update to the latest system version.

Do not disconnect the USB cable, power off your Phone, or remove/insert a microSD card during the update process.Not all devices support microSD cards.

If you are unable to update your system, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

Scenario 2: If your Phone does not boot properly, perform a system restore.


On your computer, download and install the latest version of HiSuite.

Connect your Phone to a computer using a USB cable. Power off your Phone, and then press and hold the power and volume down buttons until your Phone enters Fastboot mode.

Open HiSuite and click System repair> continue> Start repair.

Wait for your Phone to restore the system. The system will automatically revert to a predefined version; you cannot choose which version to restore.

Wait until your Phone restarts and loads the home screen. This may take a few minutes.

Do not disconnect the USB cable, power off your Phone, or remove/insert a microSD card when the system is being restored. If the system fails to restore, repeat the above steps.Not all devices support microSD cards.

We remain at your service and hope you find this information useful."

Starnge how they say mid to late January 2019 (2-3 months for full rollout) yet many have already received the Pie update via HOTA
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Nov 17, 2007
My IMEI is 301***** and there's no update. I don't even think it's coming anymore. I'm not missing out much anyway, what's the real benefit of a Pie? Not much, just gestures and a few others. I have EMUI 8.1 and it's fantastic. I can't see how much better EMUI 9 makes it especially when both are almost similar to each other.


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Jan 15, 2009
Lol, thanks for the IMEI update, you guys quickly broke my theory. I only know 2 ppl have huawei P20 Pro so I thought the batch up date was based on the IMEI.

I played with my wife's Android P and couldn't say I noticed any difference, other than the task switcher is going horizontal.


Dec 16, 2018
St Catharines
According to the Fido CSRs it is IMEI dependent. Roll out in batches according to the IMEI which is why swapping a SIM card from an updated device makes no difference for the update. People on Fido are already upset because their P20s have gone past the end of the rollout and still no update.

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    Dec 17th 2018 for P20 but no update for P20 pro.

    This is on Fido OS update site

    P20 Pro would be updated 24 Dec 2018.
    I am not allowed to post external links.

    But check huaweicentral dot com

    Thank me!!

    New from this morning (Canadian model)

    Wasn't able to upgrade to emui 9 at all. Just downloads. Hits 1% on install and then fails.
    Same for updated to the "new" 120 build of emui 8.

    Ya, we've all had that happen. The problem is that I don't think any of us are approved (according to FF) to have our phones upgraded EMUI 9.0.
    Makes me wonder though because when I check firmware access in FF, it says it communicates with Huawei severs to verify. So, if I am not approved from a Huawei perspective, doesn't that mean I am not approved from my carrier? In otherwords, once I get approved from Huawei, it's only then I should expect a OTA update to be pushed to my phone from my carrier. Frig, I really miss my Pixel 2 now lol.
    Yeah, you can't even unlock without paying $50. I paid like $340 for this phone. That's more than 10%.

    S9 was also at the same price. I got one and it's really much better sorry.

    I am happy you are happy with your S9, and we are all entitled to our own subjective opinions. Go sell the P20 Pro and move on then.
    I just purchased my P20 pro on Sunday from Telus and had the update same day.
    Ha, was going to say something rude but hell it's not your fault. Congrats on the new up to date phone - welcome to the forum

    Cheers !

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