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P20 Pro video playing lags

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New member
Jul 20, 2021
After recording a video and wanting to watch it, it takes over 5 secs for a video to play. It's like the play button becomes unresponsive. I have been using my phone for over a year, had nearly 6000 pics and videos which I deleted, then factory reset the phone. The videos played faster after reset but after restoring the phone's backup, old apps it's back to the way it was..
I also tried clearing the cache/ data from the gallery and camera app but still the same.
Anyone know what this could be from?


Senior Member
Jul 30, 2012
What video player do you use? Do you keep energy saving profile active?
Using normal energy profile and stock Huawei player, I have no lag(less than 1s, that is). Phone has never been reset in my possession and it's more than half full of apps and files.