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P3113 JB upgrade on Kies

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Feb 2, 2012
Me too. I was really frustrated with Kies for 3 days

and I just got OTA myself. Took only about 30 min for downloading + installing.
So far, definitely better than Stock 4.0.4, really smooth.


Aug 15, 2011
Just updated using Kies, was on stock 4.0.4, rooted with cwm, worked great, super smooth, just have to re-root.
...Rooted with the CF Autoroot, worked fine.
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Jun 8, 2012
I couldn't do it with kies in different computers and am now waiting the ota update to finish.
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Jul 29, 2012
SPlanner no longer working?

Is anyone having issues with SPlanner and an Active Sync connection since the upgrade? I can get email to work fine, but the calendar refuses to cooperate. It only shows some of my events, and it appears to put re-occuring events all in the same day. So I get 52 events (a years worth) in one day. Considering doing a hard re-set but was curious if other have seen this since the JB upgrade.

calendar, splanner, sync, activesync, exchange

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    Plug in and get the JB Update uploadfromtaptalk1357571870921.jpg

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    That's because the best way to update and still keep root and cwm recovery is to do it using mobile odin! That way youl have a choice to keep root and cwm recovery after the update

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    I fully agree, but it's a bit to late for that now sadly. I didn't think of it till it was to late.

    So, now that I have everything back to normal on my system, now I am ready to install CWM again when there is a root for it. I am dying to restore my apps with Ti. Till then I am a sad panda.
    what are the chances, i just rooted and installed a rom last night because i was tired of waiting!

    Can anyone confirm this? id like to update even though mine official and use my IR remote

    its made for the 3113 so the ir will definitely be working
    For those of you that have updated, can we get any feedback?
    hey where did you get the firmware file to use odin mobile?


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    extract the .tar MD5 file from the zip and put it on your sd card