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P40 Pro - ELS-NX9 (ELS-N29) - Huawei ID / FRP Lock problem

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Dec 8, 2021
Hey guys,

the problem looks like this: I bought an used P40 Pro (with a little display damage) with a Huawei ID/FRP lock, which I honestly didn't understand before or even know that this leads to a problem. So I simply can not use that device. I have now done a lot of research and found that probably in my area only Huawei itself can remove the lock, but they MUST unfortunately also repair the display damage, which drives the cost so high that I can buy a new phone right away.

After more research, I found out that you can probably downgrade to the EMUI 10 use the emergancy backup function (in EMUI 11 not available for me) to bypass the problem. However, I can't find a firmware that fits my phone and I can flash it via the dload method. Using the HISuite proxy method, the phone must already be unlocked to be able to flash it.

Now my questions:
1. Is it correct that I can bypass the Huawei ID lock with EMUI 10 (e.g. (many YouTube videos show that)?
2. Where can I find the correct firmware for my device or can I download somehow it from https://www.firmfinder.ml/ or https://pro-teammt.ru/en/online-firmware-database/ for the dlog method? How to search actually for that?
3. On http://huawei-firmware.com/ there are the right numbers but its for the P40 Pro+ what I really not understand why the build numbers are same. (Edit: no there are not EMUI 10 versions)
4. Can I use maybe similar firmwares? Instead of C432E3R6P4 it would be C432E8R6P1 or so. Will this even flash or show me only an error.
5. I tried to flash this firmware https://disk.yandex.ru/d/NrGTS46l8zcWtg/Huawei-Honor/Huawei P40 pro Huawei ID but it shows me an error that the version does not fit. Why?

Please, can someone point me to the right direction because I really dont know what to do rigth now.

Current cell phone data:
Model : ELS-NX9
Build Number : ELS-N29
Battery : 4326MV
Checking Bootloader...LOCKED

Device Firmware: :ELS-N29
Base Firmware: :ELS-LGRP4-OVS
Custom Firmware: :ELS-N29-CUST
Preload Firmware: :ELS-N29-PRELOAD
Device FB Lock: LOCKED
Device USER Lock: LOCKED
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Dec 13, 2021
Olá pessoal. Existe alguma ajuda para resolver um P40 pro que está bloqueado para huawei id? Alguns métodos incluem backup de emergência, mas acho que não funciona com o firmware
É possível fazer uma reversão para algum firmware 10.xxxxx? Acho que a reversão com o proxy huawei não funcionaria, porque não seria possível conectá-lo a uma suíte hi .... alguma sugestão? Agradeço antecipadamente ..