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P7 839 beta

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Senior Member
Aug 22, 2013

Some thing strange happened with me, i have a rooted B623 firmware installed on my device and tried to test B639, then i have flashed a full rom B830.
Normally, i will loose all my data bq it's a full firmware, no? ( that's what happened an earlier time when i tested b630 before going back to b623 ).
No this time, it looks like an update, i conserve all my apps, only root and some other apps in root were deleted.

Any idea what was happened


Senior Member
Nov 2, 2012
Has anyone tried the full firmware?
I did the update all the way from B621 without losing data, so I'm on B839 beta update no problem.

I want to know If I can do this without losing data?

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Jan 31, 2015
Just installed the full version over b817 vodacom and it works very well. So so smooth. Does anyone know how to root this? (Bootloader is locked).


Jul 27, 2014
B832 -> b839

I updated to B832 a few weeks ago before this final update came out. After 2 days of finding out how to downgrade and update to B839 without any missing aps or keyboard, to those who haven't figured it out yet, follow this process:

1. Use the rollback firmware B800 by local update
2. Downdgrade to B621 by force update (Volume Up + Down + Power Button)
3. Update vendor to eu432 Source(http://forum.xda-developers.com/ascend-p7/general/b817-vodacom-users-cust-error-changing-t3211386)
4. Update to B623
5. Update to B830
6. And finally to B839

Hope this works for you too!! :)


Dec 27, 2012
I updated from L12 831 Colombian version to B839 (European version). Before had the B830.
Well everything works fine. From B830 is quite fast, no freezing and smooth, even inet pages scroll down quickly without stopping.
Just to things:
1) I am missing the function to disappear manually the navigation panel (home, back and menu), and the small arrow next to back button misses and there is no possibility to turn it on in settings.

2) Always after 100% installation appears installation failed,but after reboot the phone, starts apps adjusting and voila I have new version installed.

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    Yestrday I got this mail:

    Best P7 user:

    A software update is available for your P7, from version to version B839 B830. This software update has not been officially released.
    To ensure the quality of the software we want to collect as much practical experience.

    We propose this software available as an Over The Air (OTA) update to a limited group of users.
    Because you've previously User Field Tests conducted on the P7, we are very interested in your feedback degree.
    This allows us to make adjustments for improved performance and ease of use.

    Watch out. This update only works if you have now installed on your B830 P7. Do you then you can not install this update B839 another version.
    In case of any problems is a Rollback software available that allows you to return to a stable version.

    The Field User Test period lasts up to one week

    Issues that are fixed with this software:
    • Problems playing videos in Youtube
    • No sound notifications or no sound when playing videos.
    • Chrome browser or facebook crashes
    • Problems with the navigation
    • Problems with the camera
    • Problems with the alarm clock app

    It is recommended to perform the update using a WiFi connection.
    Watch out! Wanneerje perform the update with a mobile data connection or a roaming network, this may incur additional data charges may apply.

    This software update will not affect your personal data on your phone. These are not erased.

    We'd love to hear if you participate in this Field User Test.

    When I get some time I will go back to 830 to download this beta. If someone do it before great!
    Any way as it beta and just one week, "soon" we can expect official version
    Downloading now. Will upload it to MEGA afterwards.

    Here you go: https://mega.nz/#!Uh41lBYL!fNd0BWFaBx1Bq4IMyI5dnl8pqb7f2jADmdkvgKU_2u0
    Would be great if you can copy and provide the OTA update.zip before doing the update!



    Download for B839: http://www.huaweiblog.de/huawei/huawei-p7-firmware-b839-bugfix-in-sicht/

    Hope the bugs are really fixed!
    Would be great if you can copy and provide the OTA update.zip before doing the update!



    Download for B839: http://www.huaweiblog.de/huawei/huawei-p7-firmware-b839-bugfix-in-sicht/

    Hope the bugs are really fixed!
    Perfect, the p7 work now fast and furious. Great fix
    This rom is perfectly stable. I haven't encountered any bugs so far.