P9 has suffered a life threatening injury - screen replacement help!

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Feb 2, 2010
Sadly I was at a lake cabin last weekend relaxing and we decided to go for a walk, that turned into a hike. Along the way my phone slipped out of my chest pocket and fell face down on the rocky trail. The screen in shattered with like a zillion cracks sadly. I had taken the case off hours before sadly which was horrible luck and usually never carry it in my chest pocket. Very sad times. I'm trying to keep using it but sadly it's most unusable with all the cracks.

I've only done one screen repair ever and per FixIt the P9 is rated as a difficult repair.

My questions are this :

Has anyone used one of those online screen repair companies before ? Any good ones and how much does it usually cost?

Any chance huawei will replace it for me? I've heard they have some sort of repair warranty. Although because they don't sell the P9 directly in the USA I had to buy it from ebay.

Thanks for your help. This is just such a tragedy as I've only had it like a month and am loving it! Especially the camera as a mobile photographer.


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