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P9 Lite Colors EMUi Theme [Update]

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Senior Member
May 28, 2016
Finally, The Update is here...

Huawei Colors EMUi v6.1 is On Air....
See main post for ChangeLog and Download Links

Other Stock Options and Navbar options will be Publish as soon as possible.

Happy Theming Guys. With Happy New year.

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Senior Member
May 28, 2016
Stock options of the theme
Noghat Navbar option
Rosemary font option

Themes are Published.... See main post > stock download option for downloading....

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Senior Member
May 28, 2016
Hello Guys,
The wait is overrrr.....

The Android Application of our theme "Colors theme for Huawe!" Is officially Launched on Google Play Store...

Download this app for getting instant updates directly on your phones...
Include many features like, screenshots, theme preview videos, How to install Video, One click theme apply, open theme manager directly from our application....

Hope so you'll love thisssss.....

Google Play Store download Link


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Senior Member
May 28, 2016
Application Updated,
Now all the Stock options of this theme can be accessed directly from the Application.

Moreover, Google drive links are also added for Stock options...

Stay Tuned for updates....


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Senior Member
May 28, 2016
Welcome back guys:

Colors Theme For Huawei EMUI 5.0 is ready for your devices.

This is the update 1 of this project, see main post for changelog, screenshots and download links.

Stay tuned for more fun...



New member
May 28, 2017
Hello friend. Your theme is great. Big thanks. But, I've a big problem with dialer. Black fonts and black background. Can you change it? And one more. I want to change app icons. But it's change only app which were included into the ROM. Can you check it and change it too?.

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    Huawei Colors EMUi Theme


    Hello There, as all of us know that Huawei's new updates and firmware are totally without colors

    So i made a new theme with every apps colour-full
    some remaining apps will be themed soon...​


    Colors EMUi 3.1 to 4.1 Theme
    1- Custom CrechocoFonts
    2- Dailer and Contacts theme
    3- Messaging Style Changed
    4- Email Theme Added
    5- Calendar Theme Added
    6- Theme Manager Colours Change
    7- Gallery Theme Added
    8- Notes App Theme Added
    9- Videos App Theme Added
    10-Huawei ID Theme Added
    11-Hi Care App Theme Added
    12-Huawei Market App theme Added
    13-Lock-Screen wallpaper Changes
    14-Dailer Design Changed
    15-Setting Customized
    16-In Drop-down menu Huawei and EMUi Added
    17-Music Widget Changed
    18-Status Bar Icons Changed
    19-Status Bar Notification Icons Changed
    20-WhatsApp Customized
    21-Waiting Spinner Improved
    22-Launcher Customized
    23-New Colored iConS Added
    24-Weather dynamic icons added
    25-Calendar dynamic icons are added
    26-Contact customized
    27-Downloads Customized
    28-Gallery App Modified
    29-HTML Got material Designed
    30-Dual SIM Card Manager Got themed
    31-Huawei HiCare Customized
    32-Huawei Vassistant Customized
    33-Calculator App Customized
    34-Email Customized
    35-System Customized
    36-Settings customized
    37-Music Player Customized
    38-Recent tasks clear button changed
    39-Compatible with New EMUi 4.1.1
    40-Messaging Customized
    41-System Customized
    42-Settings Updated
    43-File manager Customized
    44-Status Bar Quick buttons Changed
    45-NavBar Buttons Changed
    46-Notepad Updated
    47-Theme Manager Customized
    48-InCall Ui Customized
    49-Play store customized
    50-Huawei Updater Customized
    51-Huawei Video Player Customized
    52-Hw System manager Customized
    53-Google Play Store customized

    Colors Theme For Huawei EMUi 5.0
    Update 1 (01-May-2017)
    1- New Wallpaper Added
    2- New Lockscreen Wallpaper added
    3- Contacts Customized
    4- Dailer Customized
    5- Messaging customized
    6- Gallery customized
    7- Huawei App store customized
    8- Huawei ID customized
    9- File Manager Customized
    10- Huawei Updater customized
    11- Theme manager customized
    12- Colors icons added
    13- Settings Customized

    Update 2 (14-May-2017)
    1- Calendar Customized
    2- Clock customized
    3- Notification panel colors icons added
    4- Settings Customized
    5- Dual Sim Manager customized
    6- System manager Customized
    7- Messaging Customized
    8- Calculator customized
    9- Contacts customized
    10-Dailer customized
    11-Email Customized
    12-Notepad Customized
    13-Volume Controller material designed

    Update 3 (27-May-2017)
    1- Crechoco Fonts Added
    2- Google Play Store customized
    3- Complete New Lock Screen
    4- Restart and shutdown and Alarm Circles changed
    5- Theme with Stock Notification Panel Added
    6- Theme with Stock Font Added

    Update 4 (08-June-2017)
    1- HW Launcher Customization
    2- Google Play Store customized
    3- Lock Screen Customization
    4- Hw Floating task Customization
    5- Notification Panel customization
    6- Google Play Music Customized
    7- Youtube Customized

    Update 5 (On the Way)
    1- Huawei HiCloud customized
    2- Google Play Store customized
    3- WhatsApp customized
    4- Youtube customized
    5- Some new icons added


    Colors Theme EMUi 5 ScreenShots
    Colors Theme EMUi 3 & 4 Video Preview ===== ScreenShots


    Colors Theme For EMUi 5.0
    New version of Colors Of Android-M theme is under process,
    Will complete before New Year.

    Feedbacks guys

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    Colors theme's next version is under process,
    With Huge Changes


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    Colors of Android-M v6.0 is published,
    See main post for more,

    Thanks and Enjoy Buddies.....:)
    thx alot
    very nice themes

    there is a problem try to solve it : the ambeint display not works in both themes but when i return to stock theme will work well

    Ok, I'll check it.