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PACman AIO 4.4 - GT-I9195 - Nightlies - Bug Reports & Discussion

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Nov 3, 2012
New Delhi
This comes anywhere!

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Jun 2, 2013
What was the most usable nightly? I've been running 20140317 since it was posted and it's treated me pretty well so far.

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    This thread is to discuss any issues you may have or bug reports to raise regarding the CM11 nightlies AND stable versions for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini international LTE variant (GT-I9195) and the international 3G variant (GT-I9190) (see notes section if you have some other variant).

    Opened this thread so that newbies can also post their issues here, as well as to keep the release thread clean for development-related discussions only.


    Release Thread

    Link for official build

    PAC-man Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE Discussion

    Official Paranoid Google Apps 0 Day


    How to install PAC-man AIO:

    1/ Read the notes below before doing anything.
    2/ Root and install using CWM recovery or Philz Advanced Recovery:
    Available here: [RECOVERY][ROOT] Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (GT-I9195)
    3/ Copy all the files you downloaded for PAC-man (From http://pacman.basketbuild.com/index.php?dir=main/serranoltexx/) into your SD card along with the Paranoid Google Apps 0 Day (Optional, but recommended)
    4/ Boot into CWM (Vol Up + Home just as the phone is booting up, navigate using Vol btns, HOME to select, POWER to back).
    5/ Make a backup of your NANDroid (Optional - Do this so you can return to your previous ROM).
    6/ Select "wipe data/factory reset" and press Yes.
    7/ Go to Mounts and storage, Select format /system and press Yes.
    8/ Go to Install zip from sdcard -> Choose zip from sdcard, which you have put the rom on.
    9/ Browse to it and flash the pac_serranoltexx-nightly-XXXXXXXX.zip
    10/ Then flash gapps (Optional, but recommended).



    - I'm not a member of PAC-man dev team !

    Before reporting a bug:

    • Check the issues in this post and last 1-2 pages of the thread, so you can just quote and confirm a bug reported by another (or just use thanks button for this).
    • If it isn't a known bug already, post it using the bug report template. Ask if someone else can reproduce it.
    • If nobody can reproduce it, then you should do a full wipe(make a backup in cwm before it), don't restore/install anything else(this includes custom kernels/apps/settings etc.) than what is needed for trying to reproduce the bug in a clean install. Or just do this step before even reporting it.
    • If the bug is still there then, you can just restore your phone back to the state before wiping.
    • It would also help greatly to provide logs (in
      blocks), in an organized manner.

    List of issues:


    it seems to run hotter than other roms bluespoon4
    Themes aren't working 96DANGER96

    Verified & Reproduced

    Baseband unknown from the 22th nightly :(

    Fixed / In coming build

    Just wait and see ;)

    Unable to reproduce / Unique to certain users / Unable to fix / Kernel issue

    I get an error when i try to connect my google account, the phone can't have a secure connection with the server

    EDIT: Fixed by editing file \etc\hosts, you must write # before the ip near android.clients.google.com for example: localhost
    # android.clients.google.com

    And try to sign in, now it will work
    They have not added the file. I am going to try copying the file from the latest CM nightly.


    Nope still unknown baseband

    After further investigation there is another file that has been updated so we need to copy two files from latest CM nightly


    The libril.so in pac 20 k smaller in CM it's 52 k

    I have working network in 25th pac nightly :)

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    Nightlies never stopped building they have just been failing for for the last 5 days, the 25th was last successful build (apart from the 2 modem files that needed copying).

    So there must be a major problem somewhere for 5 builds in a row to fail.

    Hopefully someone will look into it because I love this rom, I think it's the best KK rom.

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    Yeah :)
    PACman Team are looking into this issue

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    Hopefully we should get some successful builds again.


    device/samsung/serrano-common/overlay/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml:248: error: Resource at config_smsUseExpectMore appears in overlay but not in the base package; use <add-resource> to add.

    That's the error