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Paranoid Android 7.2.1 - AOSPA - Pixel XL

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    Paranoid Android 7.3.1

    For anyone that's interested since the thread isn't updated but the builds still are


    Global Changes

    With 7.3.1, we have several changes that impact all of our devices. The majority of these are improvements to Paranoid Camera, which launched in our last release. We have also implemented the required patches for the recent KRACK Vulnerability.

    Add Anti-Shake mode to Paranoid Camera
    Fix compatibility issues with third-party camera apps
    Fix front-facing camera crashes in Paranoid Camera
    KRACK Vulnerability patches
    Various improvements to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
    Performance and efficiency improvements for Pocket Lock
    Launcher improvements and fixes
    Various performance and battery improvements
    Other minor improvements and fixes
    Final update for translations

    Google Pixel / Pixel XL Specific Changes:

    Merged upstream scheduler changes
    Various kernel improvements
    Have always loved this ROM. Any chance on flashing instructions. Thanks

    Probably the same as any other rom here that doesn't come with Gapps.

    Reboot to TWRP
    Factory reset
    Flash rom
    Flash TWRP (flash VBS if on May BL)
    Reboot recovery
    Flash Gapps
    Flash Vendor (if you need to)
    Flash SU/Magisk
    Flash TWRP (flash VBS if on May BL)
    Reboot to System
    Just installed beans over opengapps. Everything works!
    I dropped a comment in the spreadsheet. Other than those two things I noticed, this thing is super smooth. It is disappointing because I use OK google quite often

    Joined your comment on the bug report as well, maybe the more people we can get to join in, the quicker they'll notice it's severity. It's the only thing holding this back from being my DD at the moment, I use ok Google multiple times a hour
    Haha. That's totally fine. If I get home after work before you get them to me, I'll probably just pull all the ones I need from my wife's 5X.