Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - OnePlus 7T Pro

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Sep 19, 2017

I have been using PA for a couple of weeks. The ROM is really great. Many thanks for the efforts devs put into it!

However, there are two issues I would like to report:

1. There is a problem with the drivers when plugging the phone into a Windows 10 PC. I have several PCs running Windows 10 and none could recognise the phone. However, when I plugged it into a Windows 7 PC at my work, the phone was immediately recognised. Luckily, no such issue with Windows 10 appears when the phone is in fastboot or fastbootd mode. Likewise, no such issue arises when the phone is plugged into Mac or Linux PC. I tried installing OnePlus Windows drivers, changing cables, ports, etc. Nothing worked. The problem arises also in Pixel Experience ROM but not in the Stock ROM.

2. The bigger issue is that after a while the phone behaves as if it is loosing connection with the SIM cards or as if the connection is jittery. The mobile data icon stats appearing and disappearing. That makes the phone rather hot. I didn't encounter this issue on Stock ROM or on Pixel Experience. This problem makes the phone rather unusable.

Once again, many thanks for this, otherwise, great ROM. I hope you will be able to sort out these issues. Keep up with the good work!
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Nov 12, 2012
dev please fix the camera, I mean every other cam had issues with this rom. rom is fantastic and smooth but this is something that breaks the experience. thanks for all your hard work :)


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May 3, 2015
LG V20
OnePlus 7 Pro
I use minimal adb & fastboot always
I mean when you are doing the fastboot commands, are you doing them from a recovery like lineage 18.1 recovery in fastbootd, or from the regular fastboot you get to from typing 'adb reboot bootloader' ? I used fastbootd that you can get to from typing 'abd reboot fastboot' ('fastboot reboot fastboot' if you are in the regular fastboot already)


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Jul 30, 2017
OnePlus 7T Pro
I mean when you are doing the fastboot commands, are you doing them from a recovery like lineage 18.1 recovery in fastbootd, or from the regular fastboot you get to from typing 'adb reboot bootloader' ? I used fastbootd that you can get to from typing 'abd reboot fastboot' ('fastboot reboot fastboot' if you are in the regular fastboot already)
regular fastboot

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    We are very excited to announce the release of Paranoid Android Quartz, based on Android 10.

    On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a multi-disciplinary artist whose design stands for itself and we’re glad to have him onboard. We also added further UI touches that we believe enhance the overall user experience. You can find all of the Paranoid Android wallpapers and many more in the Abstruct app, included in our builds.

    Our builds are based on the Code Aurora Forum Android base, which is optimized for Qualcomm platforms and has a higher degree of performance, battery life, and functionality compared to the Android Open Source Project platform. The Paranoid Android team and contributors are focusing on squashing existing bugs, and implementing and improving features, performance, and stability. We are dedicated to providing a user experience with the stability that you can expect from stock ROMs with best-in-class performance and features to help you get the most out of your device.

    Device-specific issues

    You tell me.

    Note: Custom kernels are NOT supported!


    Make sure you've latest Stable firmware flashed on both the slots before flashing the ROM.


    Get the latest OnePlus 7T Pro build from here


    Keep an eye on our Twitter account, @paranoidaospa, as we will be posting about new features getting included in the release builds, as well as links to betas for those devices that will get them.

    Paranoid Android Quartz released


    • This device runs under OxygenOS vendor, make sure you are coming from OxygenOS or newer before flashing PA.
      You can use the updater if you are already on Paranoid Android ;)

      Unzip the rom package
      Flash the images inside the packages by opening a terminal and run the following commands inside the folder
      fastboot reboot fastboot
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
      fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img
      fastboot flash system system.img
      fastboot flash product product.img
      fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
      fastboot flash vbmeta_system vbmeta_system.img
      fastboot reboot
      ** Format userdata by running the following command
      fastboot -w

      ** Only required for the first flashing, and maybe optional.

    Important / Useful links
    Paranoid Android Twitter
    Paranoid Android Channel (Telegram)
    Paranoid Android Community (Telegram)
    Kernel Source
    from Arter97

    Help us improve PA by submitting detailed bug reports with logs. Learn how to take logs here.

    Cheers and #StayParanoid!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - OnePlus 7T Pro, ROM for the OnePlus 7T Pro

    33bca, kessaras
    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: V10.0.7.0

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4
    Stable Release Date: 2020-06-08

    Created 2020-04-26
    Last Updated 2020-07-23
    Just to let you know, I've added Release 3 to the OP.

    Cheers :p

    Quartz 4
    - Added support for only dim FOD icon(fixes random screen flickers)
    - Updated arter's kernel to r58
    - Improved adaptative brightness
    - Fixed AAC codec support(finally!)
    - Smoothness improvements

    Quartz 3
    - June security patchset and Pixel Feature Drop 3.
    - Improved Fingerprint On Display functionality.
    - New clear all notifications button.
    - Multi-user support.
    - Data Switch tile.
    - New accent colors.
    - Fixed lockscreen adjustments for devices without FOD.

    Quartz 2
    - Initial release

    Quartz 1
    - We didn't release there :(
    Will it have a bad side effect on the device? Like the display, battery, etc.. looks like the phone would go on high brightness for a sec then puffffff...

    If it did , im sure we would have felt something by now .
    Imagine this, as a user you see the flicker 400-500 times a day depending upon the time to unlock.
    A developer testing these cases of flicker might be seeing more than ten times that amount for testing the cause (speaking from experience) . I have not felt any signs of wear and tear to the display even in terms of colors or quality .
    So it's perfectly fine .

    And as you say , the device goes on high Brightness. That depends on the way the rom works .some use the dim layer to read the fingerprint . Some use HBM( high Brightness mode)
    Both have their pros and cons
    The dim layer advantage is that it doesn't make the screen bright during authentication but it causes an ugly smudge of colors to the screen on low brightness
    The HBM mode on the other hand does not apply any layer onto the screen but brightens it up instead and shows a steady flow of light increase . This looks better but is very bad UX because of the change in brightness
    Can anyone confirm if the fingerprint screen flicker is present in this rom? or is it fixed?

    You have to understand that screen flickering is the way in display Fingerprint works on custom roms. When a fingerprint is detected , the screen lights up to read the print and dim layer is applied on the screen causing it to flicker for a second . This can be avoided by lighting up only a part of the screen which is the fingerprint part ( which custom rom developers may not be able to do) . Hence, the whole screen lights up while authentication. Unless somebody finds a way of lighting up only parts of the screen which need to be illuminated , the flicker will always exists .
    The only solution roms use now is to reduce the amount of time the dim layer is applied so as to get a minimum response time for the fingerprint to be read and the device to be unlocked.
    hope that makes sense .