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Feb 23, 2016
Rocky Hill
Hey, any clue when an update fixing the speed of the FP scanner would be coming?

I haven't the slightest idea. Switched to using stock's display stack so we can FOD extension and while it works on OP8/Pro, it broke 8T and I don't know why, and can't look into it too much since I don't own the device. 8T will likely be skipped for Beta 1 because of this issue.


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Jan 22, 2013
Kansas City
I haven't the slightest idea. Switched to using stock's display stack so we can FOD extension and while it works on OP8/Pro, it broke 8T and I don't know why, and can't look into it too much since I don't own the device. 8T will likely be skipped for Beta 1 because of this issue.
Damn, that really sucks. My friend has this phone on Verizon and this is the only ROM that works with Verizon currently.


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Dec 27, 2004
Hi Dev, beta 2 is great. No issues. Is there a possibility of adding Applock to the rom? Thank you for all the hard work.


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Aug 9, 2010
After waiting for a few updates from the initial release, I've decided to give PA a try again. Finally got everything running well (minus known issues), except for some reason so far Fortnite Mobile doesn't have an option above 30fps. On stock I can turn it up to 60fps and 90fps in the settings.

Any idea why this is, or how to fix it? I mainly use my phone for gaming and don't want to go back to stock just for that, but I will if I can't fix it.


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  • Jul 25, 2016
    Pasig City
    OnePlus 8T
    After flashing the PA Ruby Beta 4 from OOS KB05AA. Yeah it's flashed successfully, but in initial setup wifi can't scan wifi networks, setup offline. While in the Home Screen and toggle quick panel. "System UI stops". Idk why but is this flashing method is updated? Or I need to install first the Beta 1?

    I used the same from PA to flash Lineage 18.1 and it works and can set up. Why this ruby 4 can't? Anybody knows?

    Thanks in advance.

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      We are very excited to announce the alpha of Paranoid Android Ruby, based on Android 11.

      On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a multi-disciplinary artist whose design stands for itself and we’re glad to have him onboard. We also added further UI touches that we believe enhance the overall user experience. You can find all of the Paranoid Android wallpapers and many more in the Abstruct app, included in our builds.

      Our builds are based on the Code Aurora Forum Android base, which is optimized for Qualcomm platforms and has a higher degree of performance, battery life, and functionality compared to the Android Open Source Project platform. The Paranoid Android team and contributors are focusing on squashing existing bugs, and implementing and improving features, performance, and stability. We are dedicated to providing a user experience with the stability that you can expect from stock ROMs with best-in-class performance and features to help you get the most out of your device.


      As we are growing on our list of supported devices in each release, we require of a stronger build environment so we can speed up the compilation process for releases. Based on the actual Quartz 4 list, we support over 30 devices, which takes between 2 and 3 days for all the builds to be completed without counting possible compilation issues or rebuild needs, based on our current specs.

      We kindly ask all of you that are in position to donate anything, to help and support us so we can provide better and faster build releases, as well as increase the download speed of our servers, all looking for your enjoyment.

      You can donate here

      Device-specific issues:
      Call related issues on Google Fi

      There are likely many other issues, these are just the most prominent to me. Don't come into this with the expectation any issue you come across will be fixed in a timely manner.

      Note: Custom kernels are NOT supported unless the kernel says it supports PA and GMS is included!


      My preferred logging format is:
      adb logcat -b all -d *:E > logcat-err.log
      adb logcat -b all -d > logcat.log
      adb shell dmesg > dmesg.log

      Then you can upload them to and send me the link for each one.


      • Download the latest build we released.
      • If you haven't flashed PA before, flash the "-image" build in bootloader with "fastboot update [build].
      • If you have flashed PA before then sideload the OTA in recovery.
      • Reboot into recovery right after that's done flashing, and wipe userdata.
      Starting with Beta 3, you must clean flash due to recent commits related to userdata.

      If you already flashed Beta 1, then you can just sideload the OTA in recovery if it is avaliable, although there might be only fastboot images up for the latest version so keep that in mind.

      Important / Useful links
      Paranoid Android Twitter
      Paranoid Android Channel (Telegram)
      Paranoid Android Community (Telegram)

      Cheers and #StayParanoid!

      XDA:DevDB Information
      Paranoid Android, ROM for the OnePlus 8T


      ZVNexus, xboxfanj, Vishalcj17, andrewfluck
      Source Code:

      ROM OS Version: Android 11
      ROM Kernel: Linux 4.19
      ROM Firmware Required: Latest OOS
      Based On: CAF

      Version Information
      Current Beta Version: Ruby Beta 4
      Beta Release Date: 2021-02-27

      Created 2020-12-22
      Last Updated 2020-12-22
      Thank you for your prompt response. May be I was not clear in asking my doubt. My point here is,
      1. Do we need to be on stock rom or can come from custom rom.
      2. This phone is been tricky to run around as power users without TWRP. So when you say fastboot/bootloader, do you mean to say "fastbootd" mode or regular "fastboot" mode.

      1.) Doesn't matter, just make sure you are on the latest firmware from stock.
      2.) I mean bootloader, the zip will flash boot/dtbo/recovery/vbmeta/vbmeta_system from bootloader then automatically reboot into fastbootd to flash system/system_ext/product/odm/vendor.
      Ah. Good to know.

      This is the first time I've flashed a ROM like this. It has several .sig files missing. I'm guessing that's due to not being OnePlus firmware. It fails at the vendor.img though. It returns:

      extracting vendor.img (1323 MB) to disk...ziparchive W 12-22 14:58:22 6940 3964 Zip: unable to truncate file to 1387766136: File too large
      fastboot: error:
      failed to extract 'vendor.img': I/O error

      Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

      Had another 8T user try to reproduce, they cannot.
      I know the OP says reboot to bootloader and then enter the given command. Wanted to check if we need to be on stock OOS or we can flash this from other custom ROMs. Need clearity as custom ROMs have custom recovery and was wondering if it will work.

      Also if we need to be on stock OOS, can we just flash stock recoevey and flash Pandroid.

      Also the download link as the updated rom or should we wait for the feds fixed ROM.

      You can't flash this from a recovery, it's a fastboot zip to be flashed in bootloader.
      Excuse me, what do FOD and HBM mean?

      thank you
      Fingerprint on display and high brightness mode I think
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