[PATCH][9.0][ZE60xKL] Speaker patch is available

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Oct 4, 2020
How do you uninstall this?

After installing this, it worked, but I didn't like the pie roms, so I installed another rom (AEX) but audio didn't work, then I reinstalled this and audio didn't work!

I tried an oreo rom with the superbezo audio fix, didn't work :\ it used to work with it

how do I uninstall this so I can reinstall it :confused: or other sound fixes?


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Jun 25, 2021
I can use Android 9 and the sound patch to make sound from the speakers, but I cannot use this with Android 10.
Is it possible to make it work with Android 10?
Does anyone use this model that much anymore?


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Jun 25, 2021
I can make sound from the speaker with the sound patch on Android 9, but I can't use it on Android 10.
Is it impossible to use it on Android 10?
Wouldn't anyone use this model so much?


May 31, 2023
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    Here are patch sets for speaker working on ze60xkl pie ROMs

    ZE600KL : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/5l0hwa9n7aice/ze600kl
    ZE601KL : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/r8wbjbqjjh46j/ze601kl

    These patch sets are only for ZE60xKL model on pie custom rom users.
    DO NOT apply these for other models or Andoroid versions.

    <Patch Files>
    1) Kernel Packages (be careful for mistaking model).
     - ze600kl-spk-pie-kernel-v1.zip (for ZE600KL(Z00L))
     - ze601kl-spk-pie-kernel-v1.zip (for ZE601KL(Z00T))
    2) ze60xkl-spk-pie-libs-v1-01.zip (for both ZE600KL and ZE601KL)

    <Install Instructions>
    1. Download 2 patches (#1 and #2) to any folder
    2. Reboot recovery (TWRP)
    3. Flash 2 files
    4. Reboot system and you can fun sound from device

    <Tested Roms>
    - Lineage OS
    - CrDroid
    - AEX

    - Add speaker sound stream to your rom
    - Stereo mic support

    <Known Issue>
    - Noisy sound with bluetooth and enabling reverb

    <Source Code>

    <Change log>
    [2019-05-05: v1.0]
    - Add tfa9887 driver

    [2019-05-26: v1.01]
    - Rebased on firekernel r2.10

    Finally thank you for helping to test my patch
    @Rayonecma, @celtic1453, @fabricio6791 and @ndrancs :)

    First Release On : 2019-05-05
    Last Update On : 2019-05-26
    Speaker patch updated

    Hi all,

    I uploaded speaker patch (kernel files) to server.
    Please see change log in my 1st post for details :)

    About update patch

    Hi patch users,
    These patches are based on Firekernel r2.9, then already r2.10 is updated.
    So if you'll need to update based on r2.10, pleaase let me know :)

    Hi all,
    As I said, I'll rebase the patch on newer kernel.
    And this update will be last update from me because I can't test pre-release version by my broken zenfone 2 laser.
    But I'll make several notes how to make speaker patches, instead.
    I hope someone may take over maintenance.
    * Making patch is not so difficult if you have android build environment.

    Ze60xkl sound patch

    Thx a lot, i've made patch for oreo, but i didn't find any time to work on the pie version .
    Great job !!!