Pattern Unlock for Huawei GT3 (Honor) 5C NMO-L31 Possible?

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Mar 3, 2013
Hi there.
I have found my old broken Huawei (Honor) 5C NMO-L31 in the boxes and i've fixed it.
It was crushed, screen broken, battery died and charging socket kinda loosy.
I will be happy if i can get my old photos back.
But, i've realized i have forgotten my old pattern lock.
Is there any chance that i can get my datas without losing any data?
I can enter recovery mode etc. and it was never ever rooted.
I think it runs stock android 5.1 rom.
Also i've tried google unlock method, but i've lost my old e-mail...
I've heard that Chimera Tool can do a great job.
Do you guys any suggestion?