Permanent Fix for intermittent data issue on CM9/10/AOSP 4.0+ based ROMs


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Sep 7, 2006
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After months of having this reoccurring issue myself, I FINALLY figured out a solution. It had gotten so bad on mine that wiping the rom won't matter... the only solution was to wait for several minutes/hours until it returned or switch to a Sense-based or a GB rom. This fix should appeal to those who had to return to older roms due this issue driving them insane!

Let's clear up a few things first.. to those having this issue and being able to restore data by going into airplane mode might wanna invest in a new sim card. Best to go into a retail location and pick one out yourself. The newest ones (model number TM9177 or higher) work the best and have the fewest data drop offs. That should fix a lot of users intermittent data issues from returning.

If you still have data issues and already have a newer model sim card (TM9177 or higher) OR have data issues that don't get fixed after a reboot, switching into airplane mode, wiping, normally have to wait a long time for it to return on its own, etc.... then this part will fix it. :highfive:

Go to home, menu, settings, wireless & networks, more, mobile networks, access point names, menu, and FINALLY add a new apn. Chose whatever for name of apn (maybe tmobile alternate, tmobile 2, or whatever), the next line, the actual apn, with be "" (no quotes, duh;)). Next add this line to MMSC... "". Everything else should be left as is. Now hit menu, save apn. This new apn seems to work with all features I've tried... text messaging, full data access, same speed as default apn, tethering, etc. Haven't tried MMS but the settings for that line is there in our alternate apn we just made. Please post results on that if anyone still uses that feature ;) So... that's it. The old apn works nicely and you say GO TO HELL! to the annoying data icon flashing on and off forever!

Be sure to post your results/experiences to confirm but it seems to be gone on 4 other MT4GS CM9/10 users besides my own. I REALLY HOPE y'all are as happy with this fix as much my family, friends, co workers, and I are! Do forget to use the thanks button ;)

Also... you can try "" for an additional apn. I'm not sure if MMS will work on that one even with the MMCS set as "" but it's work a try. If anyone wants to check it out is welcome to. Again... post your results. I'm not sure how long tmobile will leave these old apns active but I bet it's longer than anyone will be still using this model lol! Enjoy! :p


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May 14, 2008
Intermittent Data 3G 4G Loss Disconnect

Wow, Thanks. I've been fighting with this all day.

I've been running SilverL CM 10.1 for a couple of weeks and today suddenly lost my T-Mobile data connection.

I tried many solutions (I wish I'd found this thread sooner). Wiping Cache, Fix Permissions, Reflashed, different Kernals, different loads. Going back to Gingerbread worked, but I lost the data when I went back to ICS/JB.

There was even another thread that was close with deleting all APNs and creating a new one, but the settings still weren't there.

This took care of it right away.



Nov 20, 2011
Sir You just saved my phone and my sanity :) thank you so much !!!!!!

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Sir You just saved my phone and my sanity :) thank you so much !!!!!!
Tested it with 2 diffrent JB roms fixed data problem in about 10 seconds from selectign new APN. Data speeds are back to normal! Will update if anything changes.


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Jul 31, 2012
After several days even weeks of no issue then suddenly I get data issues again so I go back to mobile networks to find the second APN I created to be deleted... Anyone experience this?

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May 17, 2009
thanks for the info! i ran across this thread while searching for a new ROM for my mytouch 4g slide, hoping it would fix the issue. once I arrived to the access point names, i noticed that the apn selected was for LTE. I switched to the regular one and now it works great. thanks!


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Jul 24, 2010
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I had this issue while on cm9 releases but it had gone away after I began using unofficial 10.1. Sort of. In certain areas- and I assume with certain towers - my data wouldn't work with some apps (ie., Facebook, Google maps) even though the data icon would show "H" or "3g" locked on and blue consistently. Sure enough, this fixed it right up.

Also, although my phone shows the option for the Tmobile lte APN in the settings, it was not selected by default. Thanks for this!

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