Petition : RAW Support for all cameras (inc.Telephoto not only main/ultra.w) on S21, S21 Ultra Exynos

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Dec 24, 2015
The Samsung S21 series is an amazing flagship phone featured in 2021. It's great in many aspects. Though I think there are issues. The issue is that I don't think that we are getting the most out of this great hardware. Us owners of the S21 are not happy that a company which sells phones for over 1000euros won't add features which the users want such as full RAW support. We want RAW on all the cameras, not just the main and ultra wide ones. The telephoto cameras are not available in Pro mode. It would help people in many ways. Some people want the ability to do the post processing manually. This will result to get the most out of the photo if it was shot in RAW format.

Petition :

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