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Bro can you please mention the processor of your device? If its mediatek then you can flash the firmware using mtk client tool. Download tool from here:
There are no MediaTek Flagships from SONY. Only Devices using them are the 10 Series and some none International Models. Defacto all Xperia Flagships ever made had Snapdragon SoCs


Mar 16, 2012
I am really sorry for You but You will need a replacement Board. SONY does that for You or let it do someone else. There are no known ways to use EDL or something like that on Xperias. Your last chance could be to open up the device and to disconnect the Battery to force it to USB. But i wouldnt do that with running Warranty.
Would you know the steps to force it to USB after disconnecting the battery? Or could you point me in the direction of a guide?


Nov 19, 2011
Can I ask what fiddling you did? Did you end up getting it working? Nothing I have tried has made any difference
No the phones still dead. Just that I got it to switch to and Sony device on device manager. I don’t even get the red light. Sent it to Sony service Center. They said they are using a method called touch point to update firmware but apparently in step 1 they allocate the software and then press upload. The upload stops at 2% and restarts. He mentioned I’ve to send it to USA as the board in India costs 50k. My warranty expired yesterday so I’m as doomed as anyone. Do you know any technicians who work on it in Hyderabad India?

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