Phone freezes when charging overnight

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New member
Nov 19, 2013
I charge my phone overnight and it freezes when I wake up. My alarm doesn't go off which really sucks. What happens is I unplug my phone but the charging LED is still on. Pressing the power doesn't turn on. The only way to get the phone working again is to hold the power and volume down for a few seconds to get it to restart. Any way to fix this? Wondering if this is a hardware issue. I tried turning off battery care but that doesn't do anything.

Thinking of just getting another XZ1 compact if it can't be fixed. Does anyone know if the Japanese version (SO-02K) works in Canada on Chatr?


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2010
Did you try with different charger? Or resetting phone to a factory reset? In the end you can take longer road and upgrade to Android 12. Not saying anything will help, but maybe instead of buying new phone