Phone screen will stay on and won't go to sleep while using AA

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Jan 27, 2007
I just recently updated my S22 Ultra with Android 13 One UI 5. However now i'm having issue when using AA connected via USB or wireless to the car screen, my phone screen will stay on. To clarify, the screen timeout will trigger (eg. 30 secs) then phone screen will go dim and shut, but immediately will lit up again for finger print or face unlock authentication and will stay on. Pressing off using the power button it will have the same effect as well, screen will immediately turn on again.
When using Android 12 / previous firmware, I didn't have this issue, phone screen will only wake up when you touch, or press power button while AA is continuously working on car screen.
This behavior only happen when using AA, if not using AA the phone screen will go dim and shut normally, stay off.
Is this a bug with Android 13 and AA? any workaround?


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Dec 30, 2010
Maybe this is similar to my observations. I also got Android 13 on Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and I also noticed that screen is on while using Android Auto (BTW - I use Carsifi - review on my blog). The display is quite dim but is definitely on. My idea is that the display is ON because there are notifications (like "Android Auto available/connected") on the screen. There were changes in notification behavior in Android 13 and maybe we should disable notifications for Android Auto - but then we can miss something important.


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Aug 25, 2012
HTC Desire
Nedávno som aktualizoval svoj S22 Ultra na Android 13 One UI 5. Teraz mám však problém, keď používam AA pripojené cez USB alebo bezdrôtovo k obrazovke auta, obrazovka môjho telefónu zostane zapnutá. Aby sme to objasnili, spustí sa časový limit obrazovky (napr. 30 sekúnd), potom obrazovka telefónu stmavne a zatvorí sa, ale okamžite sa znova rozsvieti kvôli overeniu odtlačkom prsta alebo odomknutím tváre a zostane zapnutá. Vypnutie pomocou tlačidla napájania bude mať rovnaký účinok, obrazovka sa okamžite znova zapne.
Pri používaní Android 12 / predchádzajúceho firmvéru som tento problém nemal, obrazovka telefónu sa prebudí iba pri dotyku alebo stlačení tlačidla napájania, keď AA nepretržite pracuje na obrazovke auta.
Toto správanie sa vyskytuje iba pri používaní AA, ak nepoužívate AA, obrazovka telefónu stmavne a normálne sa vypne, zostaňte vypnuté.
Je to chyba v systéme Android 13 a AA? nejaké riešenie?
Do you happen to have it turned off?


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Dec 11, 2014
Any news on this? I just updated mine, and it is maddening to have the screen turn on immediately after pushing the power button when running AA.


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Jan 20, 2011
So my pixel 7 Pro does not have this issue at all, my screen goes to sleep and has no problem staying asleep while using Android auto. However, my partner has the seven pro is well, and his stays on only when it's plugged in to Android auto. He can plug it in any outlet in the house, or even a wireless charger and it goes to sleep like normal. There's something going on with Android auto that it can't just be a software issue because we're both running the same Android OS. I've gone in there and checked all of his settings with mine and their identical. I must be missing something but I just don't know what it is