Phone shuts off!! Automatically!!

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Oct 5, 2008
I have now had 2 occasions where my LG OX2 were automatically shut!!
I took it of the charger this morning, screen brightened, all normal. After 5 min. when I needed it, the phone was off. Later I had one more like this. Got to work and after some hours it was off when I needed it! I really don't get it. Battery was full.
I am on 2.2.2, rootet.

Has anyone had same experince??
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Jun 19, 2010
Had that aswell yesterday morning, had to take the batteri out and put it back in, to get it back on


Oct 5, 2008
Hi guys. Thanks for your answers. This is indeed very strange. This could be something that I will not accept for a smartphone this price. I will contact LG.
Are yours also rootet and have you removed anything?



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Oct 13, 2009
Auckland, NZ
OnePlus 8
Same here.

Only happened once and it was plugged into a charger (and would have been at 100%).

Battery pull was the only thing that worked.

I'll add this thread to the bugs thread.
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Nov 13, 2009
No, i have not yet roted and i had the same problem yesterday. Nothing so far today though.


Jun 26, 2009
Mine is not rooted, I had around 54% battery when I left work. Phone rebooted two times during the 15min walk home, once during a call and once when all I was doing was swiping around the homescreens... :/


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Jun 14, 2009
My o2x rebooted once today, with 50% battery left.. Edit: Mine is also rooted and I have frozen the car home app.
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Mar 13, 2011
This is very distressing. Being that this problem affects the 2x, rooted or not, then it is def. a hardware issue. Possibly solely a battery issue, or the design to which where the battery is housed (connectors), or simply power hit/miss circuitry design. My advice is, if it occurs enough not to annoy you (meaning, you don't want to deal w/ a return/exchange & don't mind the re-booting) then keep it. I believe that no software patch can fix this & for such an expensive device, I would return it for a fresh unit.


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Aug 19, 2006
Same here.

Only happened once and it was plugged into a charger (and would have been at 100%).

Battery pull was the only thing that worked.

I'll add this thread to the bugs thread.

I did withnis this twice yesterday.
The phone doesn't shut down. It is a huge lag.
It happend the 3th time. I didn't pull out the battery, after 20sec that I pressed the power button for the screen to light up, the screen showed.

So it is lagg.

Not rooted. And to make it clear i'm talking about the phone screen not turning on, so you have to pull out battery and power it on again. No reboot.
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Jun 25, 2008
What?! 20s lag? I was looking forward for quick device since I switch my Rhodium for LGO2X. I hope that this would be fixed soon by LG...


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Jan 11, 2010
I guess a good way to find out if it's lag is to see if adb is still working.
Had it yesterday myself, once during charging. Then the powerbutton did work. Hour later I had to pull the battery. Wanted to advanced but forgot to leave USB debugging on. Had it so far only with my replaced unit. The first few days with the original unit didn't show signs of this...
Have to say my first unit wasn't rooted until the day they swapped it. The one I have now has been rooted since day one.

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    Twice my phone has frozen during charge (using LG and HTC Hero charger) during the night when charging from less than 20%.

    Charges from > 20% appear to have no issues.
    Charges from < 20% with wifi and mobile data off also appeared to have no issues.

    Can't say I've had any random reboots. I've disabled F-Secure through the app itself (it was annoying me) and I use Launcher Pro Plus instead of that horrid LG UI.

    All on a stock, unrooted ROM.

    Edit: One thing I haven't mentioned is that my longer , successful overnight charges have all been ended by the phone's alarm going off in the morning. the phone has been fully charged throughout the night and woken fine like this.

    Edit 2: Can all UK users with the issue visit: and go on live chat. Speak to the representative and ask them to raise a "Voice of Customer" notice. This will help get the issue escalated.
    Just joined, and don't think I'll read the whole thread.
    Here is my experience :)

    I have had the phone for about a month and have had few problems. I got a bit disappointed when i saw how slow and unresponsive it was, especially when installing from market. One day at work the battery was suddenly empty, turns out it was Messages going in to a crash and restart loop. and a couple of days later the whole thing crashed, wouldn't boot. Had to flash it.

    After the flash I rooted it, uninstalled useless applications and widgets, installed pre-dexopt fix and haven't had a single problem yet.

    2-3 days battery life, opposed to almost one day when new.
    No random reboots, not while using, not while charging.
    Excellent call quality

    My phone was shipped with Euro Open Rom date 19032011. V10B I think.
    I now run Euro Open V10C, kernel dirty, baseband 1035.21_20110405
    try these settings..

    .. to ease the pain.

    Check box to Stay Awake while charging (settings, applications, development).

    And most importantly , you MUST disable the screen timeout completely, to NEVER timeout. You may need to download an App ( quick settings, my settings..) to allow you to do this.

    Just remember to manually turn off the screen with the top button (on / off) , otherwise your battery will deplete rapidly.

    I don't whether this tip is Perfect, but i haven't experienced any problems for 3 days now.

    Hope it helps.

    And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post on this community. I'm sure all this information has helped many..
    In fact you ONLY need to DISABLE your Screen Timeout. It's not necessary to Check Stay Awake while charging, as once you've set your Timeout to NEVER it already does the same.

    Can't believe it was something so simple. Always thought it was a AUTOMATIC Screen Timeout problem..

    So come on LG ! We've discovered the problem with YOUR software, so please can you resolve this Automatic timeout issue in your next update. It can't be that difficult , now the problem has been identified.

    Don't want to have to manually adjust the screen timeout forever. It is a chore.

    Come on LG - you surely can fix it now !

    At last a future with no more Black unresponsive screens and reboots !
    I've been emailing Quentyn Kennemer from Phandroid and he is going to get in contact with LG regarding the issue. :)

    Edit: Alos: :)