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Phone stuck in bootloop after LineageOS update

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New member
Oct 16, 2021
OnePlus 7 Pro
Yesterday I got the notification to update LineageOS, so I downloaded the update through the Installer application, and rebooted the phone when prompted. After this it started bootlooping and I couldn't get into the system.
Since I don't want to lose the data on the phone, I tried reflashing the latest rom and older versions through TWRP, including the one I first installed, but after flashing it still loops. I had Magisk installed so I removed it but that didn't help. When I reflashed the rom, I also flashed the 'copy_partitions.zip' in the lineageos install instructions still to no avail.

I also tried the method here but the wipe option does not display the system option, so it didn't work.

Any help?