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Phone swapping or eligibility questions...

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Mar 29, 2015

I ordered a Moto X Pure (2015) from someone on XDA, It's arriving tomorrow. I had a question about carriers but Verizon isn't answering my questions and its kinda frustrating.
My good friend needs a phone and wants an iPhone. I have the iPhone she wants and since mine is arriving tomorrow i was considering selling it to her so that she could have the phone she wants, i know all Verizon LTE phones come unlocked for any carrier but i think its after they are paid for in full...My question is, if i put the SIM card from the iPhone into the Moto X and i sell her the phone, will she still be able to use it on a different carrier since im not cancelling a plan, same plan, different phone?

I know this is more of a topic to ask Verizon but i have tried that and its saying my pin is incorrect even though i've checked it 4 goddamn times and its NOT incorrect. Then when i tried to contact a store, they are closed in my area...So i thought that id try here because i always seem to get pretty great and full answers.

To sum it up in a TL;DR for the reddit users: If i swap the SIM cards and sell my current phone to my friend, will she be able to use it on her own carrier, or will it not let her because it hasn't fully been paid off yet?



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Mar 21, 2010
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First off, the use of foul language is not necessary.

Secondly, while I understand you are getting a Moto X Style/Pure, your question has nothing to do with the phone at all. You are asking about an iPhone you are purchasing via contract or installment plan through Verizon on a forum topic dedicated for the Style/Pure. Please go to the appropriate forums to ask this question. You are correct that Verizon would be the best source to answer your question.