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Question Photo focus issue on the OnePlus 9 Pro ?

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Jul 6, 2016
Hi folks,
on my OP9 Pro LinageOS is running and I use the GCam to take fotos. I'm happy with the quality - except for one thing: all camera lenses of the OP9 pro have problems to focus on the object I want to adjust sharply. I must click several times on the object, somtimes more than 4 times to shoot a sharp photo of the object. If I don't the object is blurry. E.G. on the attached photo I clicked 2 times on the cup in order the set the focus on it - but in spite of this the cup is still very blurry. On my former device, a Huawei p20 pro, the focus worked much more better ./. Any idea how I can improve / fix the focus issue ?
unscharf nach einmaligem Antippen.jpg
Thank in advance.

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    If I may suggest, you would be better off reporting it on Gcam/LOS thread, Thanks