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How much would you rate One's camera out of 10? Be honest, don't compare with DSLRs

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Jul 29, 2010
You must be on the Revolution rom then, right? Picture looks nice and sharp indeed. Already am impressed with it so far. Now if I just find myself some time to test it out properly...

Yep, ARHD 10.0 to see what all the fuzz about 4.2.2 is about ;)
I am a ROM jumper tho... But I will stay on the 2.17.401.1 base for sure.


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Dec 30, 2005
thats me taking care of my flock



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Dec 27, 2008
Finally got my One. Great phone; the only thing i am still not overexcited of is the camera. I get mixed result some good photos some really ugly. I am still playing with settings. From what i can see the camera does not tolerate too well sunny and distance shots. Any ideas on what settings could be best used in these circumstances?
Here are the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gjo95ouvj4uawwv/iFLtSdoVOj . Last two are with autoenhance - one looks awfull.
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  • Dec 16, 2011
    Iloilo City
    Guys anybody noticed reddish/pinkish/purple tint on the sides of camera when using it in very dark areas with aritificial light? Is this normal or it's just my camera sensor is broken? When I shoot at daylight it's completely gone. It's only showing up at dark areas. When I point the camera to the light it dissappears completely but when pointing it back again to dark places it comes back.


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    Jan 29, 2011
    Amazon Fire TV
    A couple taken on holiday in Skegness last week at the seal sanctuary. I find the camera pretty good in most conditions, any differences in quality I put down to myself due to I've taken a couple of duplicate pics and 1 is great the other is poor.





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    Mar 21, 2008
    So I'm very happy with this phone. It takes pictures that are really good even in the most problematic situations.

    Though, I wouldn't mind getting a 8MP sensor for the next flagship with UMP tech...:( Just so the pictures are a bit bigger. This is new as it wasn't a problem in all the scenarios I experimented previously. Now I'm getting a lot of landscape photos, and I have to recon that pictures being just a tad bigger would help with cropping. And that's actually the only downside (if that's any) to this wonderful camera.

    But I'm probably just picky. This phone gives so much life to pictures that I'm taking all of the holiday pictures with it ! That's a first !


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    Nov 18, 2009
    Macro with sharpness set to - 1. First is without auto enhance, second with.

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    Aug 13, 2008
    DP Connect Review: Do HTC One ultrapixels deliver? Our full camera review
    Conclusion - The Good
    • Good exposure in all light situations
    • Good low light performance
    • Very good flash performance
    • High resolution 1080p screen is great for viewing images or watching video
    • Excellent stereo speakers for a phone
    • Good quality stereo sound recording in videos
    • Attractive metal body and good build quality
    • Snappy and responsive performance
    • Optical image stabilization very useful for shooting video
    • Comprehensive imaging feature set
    • Image parameter adjustment for saturation, contrast and sharpness
    • Useful slow motion video mode
    • Good range of editing options in the gallery app

    Conclusion - The Bad
    • Low pixel count means less pixel-level detail than the high-end competition in most shooting situations
    • Optical image stabilization system can cause softness at the edges of the frame
    • Occasional AF-inaccuracy in low light
    • Strong purple fringing
    • Tendency to produce purple flare with strong light sources just outside the frame and magenta color shading at the center of the frame
    • Use of very slow shutter speeds can lead to slightly shaky images in low light
    • Accessibility of some camera settings could be better, camera app most suited for snapshot style shooting
    • Filter effects not available for shooting video

    Overall Conclusion
    When you hold the HTC One in your hands for the first time it is immediately obvious that you are dealing with a high-end device. With its all-metal body and solid build quality the HTC One looks and feels like a premium product. The specifications complement the appearance and with its quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM the One always feels snappy and responsive in operation. It's a pleasure to view images and video on the extremely high-resolution screen and the stereo speakers with Beats Audio system sound better than anything else we've seen on a phone before. As you know in our reviews we are focusing on the imaging features and capabilities but it's fair to say that, as a mobile device, the HTC One is one of the very best we have tested so far.

    Features & Operation
    The phone's comprehensive feature set complements the great build quality and high performance components. In the camera app you can choose from a number of innovative features and functions to experiment with but some of them could do with a bit of further development. The HDR mode simply did not work on our test unit and consistently produced overexposed results. HDR video does a decent job at increasing the dynamic range in your video footage but you pay for it with a heavily cropped frame, image artifacts and generally reduced image quality.

    Zoe movies is an interesting feature that offers a new way of capturing and sharing memories but you end up with an almost unmanageable number of files in your storage folder and the process for creating highlight movies should be more intuitive. That said, the One offers a good number of decent filter effects, the ability to modify imaging parameters such as contrast, saturation and sharpness will be appealing to power users and the panorama mode produces very large panoramas with good stitching.

    In terms of operation and usability the One's camera app is most suited for a snapshot-style shooting. The app offers a lot of parameters and settings to play with but to change most of them you have to dive deep into the slightly longwinded menu. Linking the exposure to the focus point will be familiar to iPhone users but has its limitations when capturing high- or low-key scenes and generally offers less control over exposure than "traditional" exposure compensation. The latter is still available in the menu but frankly is too difficult to access to make it useful. If the HTC One's default camera app is not your cup of tea you can of course always install a third-party app such as Camera FV-5 or ProCapture but you'll have to revert to the native camera app for Zoe movies and other innovative features.

    Image Quality
    Image quality in general and "ultrapixels" specifically have been a huge part of HTC's launch campaign for the One. In reality the camera is a bit of a two-sided sword. With its fast F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization the HTC One is capable of capturing good exposures down to light levels which leave most of the competition struggling. This is only achievable by using shutter speeds that are mostly too long to capture moving subjects without any motion blur but the HTC at least allows you to take a picture of static scene when many other phones simply have to give up. The flash is another strong point and in combination with the F2.0 aperture and OIS position the One amongst the best low light smartphone cameras in the market.

    However, as you can see in the cons list above, the camera is not without its faults. In our samples we observed unusually high levels of purple fringing, purple flare with strong light sources just outside the frame and color shading at the center of the frame. All these effects should be relatively easy to mitigate through software processing and we're surprised HTC has not opted to do so. In some images we have also seen pretty strong edge softness that we think is caused by the OIS tilting the lens.

    While the HTC is capable of producing, for a smartphone, unusually clean results in low light, in bright conditions the low-resolution sensor simply cannot capture the same amount of detail as the competition with its higher pixel-counts. However, there are good arguments for HTC's approach. Most smartphone images are edited and shared at lower resolutions than they are captured at, so pixel image quality only really becomes a concern if you are planning on downloading your images to a computer to print or display them at a large size. If you would like to see the HTC One's image quality next to the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920, we recommend you also have a look at our Smartphone Super Shootout that we published in April.

    The Final Word
    The HTC One is an excellent smartphone with a screen and speakers that are great for viewing images and watching video. The feature set of the camera app is very comprehensive but some of the functions cannot quite convince us fully yet. The camera performs well in low light and when using the flash, which makes it a great mobile tool for social photography. The 4MP sensor is not without its flaws and users who like to view images at a pixel level will not always be impressed.

    If you can live with the limitations described above, the HTC One is a great option for Android users but those who prefer a higher resolution sensor might want to have a loot at Samsung's new Galaxy S4 flagship device which offers 13MP with a similarly comprehensive imaging feature set as the HTC.

    ---------- Post added at 04:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 PM ----------

    Exposure is discussed in good detail on this page

    If you tap and focus on a bright part of your scene you'll get a darker exposure and the other way around. The samples below illustrate how this works, the green square indicates the focus/exposure point.

    Sometimes you might have to tap a few different areas before you get the desired exposure but mostly this system works decently and makes sure your focus area is well exposed. However, the tap-exposure works best in scenes with balanced lighting. Capturing a high-key or low-key scene is next to impossible as you won't find a dark or bright enough area in those scenes to achieve your desired exposure. The only way around this is using a third-party camera app that offers exposure compensation, such as Camera FV-5 or ProCapture, or apply additional exposure compensation in the menu which is unfortunately a slightly longwinded process.
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    May 30, 2007
    I don't know if many people know this but, when I had the htc one x, I was delighted to find out you could control the camera shutter via certain bluetooth headsets. Just tried it with the One and it still works :)


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    Jul 21, 2010
    Had a few minutes before clocking in at work decided to take a few quick shots. The 4th pic is with HDR everything else set to auto and images were resized for size issues.


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    Dec 27, 2008
    Finally got my One. Great phone; the only thing i am still not overexcited of is the camera. I get mixed result some good photos some really ugly. I am still playing with settings. From what i can see the camera does not tolerate too well sunny and distance shots. Any ideas on what settings could be best used in these circumstances?
    Here are the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gjo95ouvj4uawwv/iFLtSdoVOj . Last two are with autoenhance - one looks awfull.

    So these are my night shots. Night mode or HDR mode selected. What do you think of the lot? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/n8gagotzjkg913e/_kZpmlYzhq
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      Some of us have already got their hands dirty with the new HTC One ;)
      Please share photos or Zoe links clicked by your HTC One, or maybe found by you on the web, clicked by One. I'll start this by sharing the images below:

      Important note:

      Before you say that photos from the One are bad, they look crap, or anything like that, first have a look here:
      Ok here are jonathan_phang's photo with Auto Enhance applied from the Gallery on the One X, his original's are here


      + HTC gallery Auto Enhance:

      The rest all are Auto Enhanced, as you can see all washout is gone as the black / white levels are cropped by this built-in feature

      HTC should be done with this and simply include a default auto "Auto Enhance" apply feature



















      Full sized here

      more about HTC Auto Enhance from my One X post here

      Now Jonathan's Image are perfect example of why you need HDR which he did not use, the sky is over cast if you place the exposure in the sky the ground willl be dark and if you place it on the ground like he did the sky will washout

      i have no doubt the results would have been much better with HDR or Backlight used

      here is an example of HDR use in an overcast scene from my One X, like all reviewers stated (except phone and gsm arena) since the One X HTC has the best HDR on a phone

      Exposure on the sky:


      more HDR from the One X here


      Credits www.computerbase.de and Hamdir






      For more: computerbase.de

      Credits: RyanDawson





      More here: Animal Park

      Gizmodo USA:






      For more, GIZMODO

      Credits, mdeejay:


















      For more: http://www.engadget.com/gallery/htc-one-sample-shots








      For more, visit here: http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/11/4087754/htc-one-sample-pictures


      SlashGear 1080p test:

      Shake test:

      Low light test:

      I won't be adding any more, I'm sick of the bashing. If you want to see more photos from the users, please browse through the thread, there are plenty of them. Don't forget to share :)
      It is well known that GSMarena are bias towards Samsung products

      - look at all the articles they write about samung VS other phones etc.
      - they hardly ever report the bad news about samsung products or take forever to i.e. no news on Samsung paying people outside the company to trash the HTC phone online (pretty much every news site has an article on this, even sites that have nothing to do with android/tech) and took forever to report the sudden death issue with the gs 3, note II
      - they speak so highly/enthusiastic about Samsung devices and the features of their phones where as with HTC devices they don't come across as excited at all and then they trash HTC for some things but not Samsung because you can change it around since it is android i.e. the power toggles in the notification bar, there are hundreds of apps that can do this.......
      - they have bumped the GS 4 review to the top of the page because they got a final retail unit, I have never seen them do this with any other phone before, what about the nexus 4, htc one and all the other phones???

      and the list goes on and on.

      They use to be great but it is just becoming too obvious that they tend to prefer the Samsung handsets more.

      Their camera tests are pretty crap in comparison to other sites anyway. However, I won't disagree with you there, gsmarenas photos look terrible, the worse photos produced from the one, however, chances are that this is down to early software and a pre-production model and/or faulty unit.

      Secondly the camera is looking much better now, all the early reviews were using pre-production models with pre-release software as HTC have said and some of the sites have mentioned it in their reviews, the final units with the latest software are looking much better and this is still with problems i.e. sharpening being too aggressive, ISO bug that makes a huge difference as shown Brian also posted photos in his anandtech review showing the difference it can make (he knows the hardware/camera stuff better than anyone as has been shown through his work and reputation)

      Not to mention that this is very new tech. to HTC especially with the OIS (only other phone to have this is the 920), there will be updates and the camera will improve, the 920 has had 2 big updates to improve the camera (with more on the way), the first one had drastic improvements i.e.


      Software is probably the most important thing there is, it can make or break a feature.

      Not only that but all the newest reviews i.e. by anandtech, android police and other sites have shown the results to be very good overall i.e.





      the macro shots are looking excellent going by android police review and the photo thread here, I would say the best for a phone camera that I have seen.



      + the above review sites

      And as you can see here 1.28 VS 1.29, the photos are looking better, now imagine the difference when comparing that to the first/early firmware 1.26 or whatever version it was that the early review sites were using.........

      Besides ignoring the picture quality in landscapes/bright scenes (which aren't "terrible"), the HTC one excels in low light/dark conditions, yes the images might look noisy in the very dark conditions but at least they are actually usable......... The one has a very quick shutter speed thus you have a better chance of getting a photo that actually has very little blur and also means you don't need as steady hands as you would with the GS 3, GS 4 etc. (this is a big problem with phones when you choose to use HDR/night mode)

      You have to remember that a lot of review sites use tripods as well, which makes a huge difference.

      To see if this is all true, check the anandtech review out again.

      The colours on the one look more natural/realistic, you want the vivid/saturated colours of the GS 4 etc. then put the contrast or saturation up by one level in the camera app or use auto enhance in the gallery apps, not very hard to do and only takes like a second.

      the video recording overall is much better than the GS 4, wider FOV, smoother, more detailed and better colours etc. (GS 4 will/should improve though as it looks worse than the gs3) Especially low light/dark conditions video recording. Again check the anandtech review.

      The audio recording is also better, the one is quiet with normal noise levels, however, the gs 3 had a similar problem when first released thus chances are HTC will also improve it with a software fix.

      Check anandtech review out as well as this thread.

      The FOV is so much larger than the GS 4 too and personally to me is very important.

      Not to mention you have all the cool/useful camera features i.e. built in filters (granted these can be done via 3rd party apps), slow motion recording (no app whatsoever on the market for this), zoe and all the features it comes with.

      So the camera might not be as revolutionary as what HTC make it out to be, but it is a worthy opponent to the GS 4.

      Unless you crop images a lot, print photos out on large paper or have a very high res. monitor then the extra MP will not be beneficial, as has been posted many times before pixel size is more important than MP, there are so many articles out there by professional photographers that back this up, they call it the "megapixel myth", more megapixels does not necessarily mean more detail, a proper 3-5MP camera would destroy a 8-13MP phone camera.

      The GS 4 has a great camera but until we see a better/newer comparison from both phones, the title for the best camera phone is still up for grabs. IMO HTC have the most versatile camera phone there is to date, they have ticked the most boxes.
      here just to show off ImageSense on the HTC One X :)

      like i said a bad photographer does not mean a bad camera
      This one of my boss as we were trying the fast shutter, later custom enhanced in the gallery


      Close up of God of war on my wall unit, high contrast filter in the gallery


      Another close up, high contrast filter in the gallery


      My Sportage, sunset time, cropped






      Color Tests



      Low Light in Beirut




      and the snow patrol concert lights i posted before






      high resolution here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157631744000987/
      yea its funny to scream the s4 camera rules when

      - view angle is so narrow

      - much slower shutter especially in low light

      - no real low light comparison

      - weaker macro and upclose detail

      - no OIS

      - comparing it's superior 13MP 1:1 to upscaled 1:1 One with sharpness 0

      the funny thing they claim we are just making excuses, kids...

      ---------- Post added at 10:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:15 AM ----------

      about our topic
      Htc one looks awesome in low light ,all 3 flagship's camera compared.
      This photo sums up the beauty of Zoe to me....I'd struggle to capture this moment even with my DSLR

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