Development physwizz a12 kernel version 2 & 3

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Nov 22, 2021
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Also found this. I believe i need to clone your kernel, add rtl8188eus from github, edit Makefile and Kconfig tben edit menuconfig, crosscompile etc. Cross compiling and make commands are where i get stuck. I can get to a point with no errors, but it still starts a massive list of y/n configs. Basically as far as i have got, now i will try your guide 😁 cbeers mate.
Jan 28, 2019
I did flash the kernel on A125F android 11 and i experienced bootloop.
The phone restarts once home screen appears, abt 40 sec of Home Screen display.
Firmware is A125FXXS2BVA3.


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May 22, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A12
I did install the kernel u2 V3, but its still not stable. The device keeps rebooting same as the previous kernel. I did also wipe Cache and Data.

@Sheepmister Did you test the u2 V3 kernel ?
I did not flash the u2 version

Update:i flashed the v3 phyzwizz and it boot in home screen then force restart i think the dev is using the old kernel build for u2 version ,,bwcause i tried also the old rainbow kernel v4 old version and it didnt boot but the latest version is working
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