Pi Zero connected to phone (adb)

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Aug 22, 2022

my phone is powered by Android 10. As you probably know, to get ADB over Wifi working on devices running Android 10 you have to connect it to a computer via usb cable.
This is not very comfortable nor a practical way to go.

So i prepared a Pi Zero 2W in a way that it runs 'adb tcpip 5555' when it recognises that the device id of my phone is connected. but there is this problem that i need 2 cables right now to achive what i want.

1. If I connect the phone to my pi (any port, normal usb cable, no further powersource), the pi start up just fine but the phone isn't available in the list of the usb host controller
2. If I power up the pi with external power and connect a second usb cable with otg adapter afterwards to the phone the pi recongize the phone and begins to start adb.
3. If I try to power the pi with only the otg adapter cable with the phone, the pi doesnt get alive. There seems no current.

My Question is:

Is it possible to connect the pi with only one cable or maybe a splitter cable to the phone so the pi can draw power from the phone and also see the phjone as regular usb device that can be operated on ?