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Mar 19, 2009
Today I got this one on the mail:

It's insanely cheap, but also very nice and high quality. It's a back cover replacement with smart view window, so in order to use it, you have to remove the original one and also transfer the NFC antenna from one to the other.

I managed to remove the NFC antenna quite easily following the advice found here; antenna-extended-battery.html

The user on that forum used a guitar pick to take the antenna out and I confirm it's the best way. My NFC is working like a charm on the new cover.

One nice feature: the back of the cover is flat, so you can use the phone on a flat surface, such as a table. The only con I've found is that red color is not available (just kind of dark pink) to match my red original cover, but the dark blue one I got is also very nice. Well, there's a second con: power button is a bit hard to use, you have to push a bit harder than usual

You can't get higher quality at such a low price.
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    Hello everyone! I received my zf2 devilcase.
    Used it for few weeks already.
    See images below.


    First of all, sorry if I took lot's of pictures. If this is not allowed, please tell me so that I can delete some of it. Secondly, I'm not really good in giving reviews so please forgive me.

    When I received the package, I was a bit excited to open it. Then when I saw the bumper, I got a bit disappointed. I may have expected too much based on the images I have seen on their website specially with the total amount I paid for it. But then I was surprised that they included a carbon fiber skin as I was looking for something like that. At first the bumper feels off because it somehow made the phone a bit bulky on sides. But after a couple of weeks, I got used to it and feels good now. The appearance definitely made my zf2 really classy. The hole for USB charging port is okay. No problem or whatsoever. Same with the power button. Easy to press. The hole for 3.5mm jack was the only concern. Base on the pictures, the headphone jack fits perfectly but the jack of the speakers doesn't fit well.
    The package includes:
    1 aluminum bumper
    1 cleaning cloth
    2 back cover skin
    2 camera lens protector
    2 screw drivers
    Bunch of screws.
    33USD plus 13USD for shipping here in Manila

    All in all, I'm very happy with the looks. The protection I think is okay covering the sides. Of course, only the carbon fiber skin is protecting my back cover from scratches. My phone fell two times already but luckily, everything is okay.

    Again, sorry for this kind of review.
    Hope this helps.

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    Demomm Ultra Thin Pu Flip Leather Case - too bulky
    Nillkin Frosted Case - :good: love the look and feel
    Nillkin Sparkle View Leather Case - the cover does not close
    Nillkin Nature TPU Transparent Clear Case - :good: nearly invisible
    SPARIN Ultra Slim Scratch Resistant Smart Case - smooth case with soft tough

    Nillkin Frosted Case and Nillkin Nature TPU Transparent Clear Case def. my favorite. Bought them on eBay from seller nillkin_cover.

    Pics are here, need to copy and paste link, xD sorry I don't have permission to post external link yet. nd4dXZsTjVpY2s&usp=sharing
    Here are more pictures with the cover on


    Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
    It looks good but for a couple of bucks why not get both. I noticed the Nillkin tpu case protect all the input slots. That'll be helpful against dust getting in. I'm not a neat freak but I like added protection.
    I ended up buying a really cheap case from ebay which seems to be popular for the zf2:

    Does anyone else have this case?

    Yah bought this.. its meh. Also bought Nilkin Frosted Shield. And loved it. Ended up using that as my daily one.

    Edit: Dont get me wrong.. meh as in not bad in any way. Just that transparent plastic feels too cheap for me.
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