[Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

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Oct 16, 2009
Chandler, AZ
i install pixelAonly Q in my chiron and no works googles apps google account ... .. ...
PLEASE, gapps no works in android Pixel Q GSI

This thread is ONLY for the Android Pie GSI's listed in the OP and title:

[Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

I don't believe there is an XDA thread yet for Android Q. You should check the telegram group.
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Jul 10, 2012
Tried to flash a few GSI's

Hi Efran, thanks for you great work and giving us other OS's to try out.
I am using a Nokia 6.1 Plus....
I tried H2OS, it would not boot - I will flash again and get an error report, next weekend.
Flashed OOS, this booted and was something I would like to use. However I could not connect to WIFI, though i think its due to my mac address being 02:00:00:00, so I need to get a mac changer and then this should work. Will try again soon.
Also tried OneUI however I could not flash it in fastboot, image to large.
Ill stay in touch as I continue to try these out further.


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Sep 29, 2018
How do flash One UI it says system partition full and fails to flash.
Please help.
I tried to repartition through TWRP bit it doesn't solve the issue, the system partition is too small for 3+GB of One UI image.
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Mar 19, 2015
I have tried all in my motorcycle z2 play with the vendor oreo, but none of the boot drives me back to the bootloader, please your support to make MIUI go, enter to extract the LOGS but I only get to / data from the recovery

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    media server is broken litle bit :D View attachment 5277081
    There is a fix file for it. It does work for wouldn't really recommend it unless you totally want it
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     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    What is this ?
    I've decided to share some ported OEM firmwares as GSI (not semi) and have fun..
    semi-GSI: not very generic system images which needs vendor patches to boot
    GSI: generic system image without any extra patches on vendor

    so far i've made GSI out of MIUI, ZenUI, OxygenOS, HydrogenOS & Samsung OneUI...
    i also accept requests for porting more firmwares, just mention me with any P firmware and i'll try
    GET UPDATES FROM: https://t.me/ErfanGSIs

    1. Nothing, just a treblized vendor (P or O)

    How to install:
    1. Install img into system partition
    2. Flash permissiver_v4.zip or make your boot partition selinux permissive
    3. Reboot

    Click Here or check #builds in telegram group

    if images didn't worked properly post your logs(logcat and console-ramoops) on telegram group i'll come for help : @ErfanGSIs
    Logcat without PC: take /data/local/tmp/logs/log
    Enable adb before boot using this command in TWRP:
    Linux/mac :
    adb push ~/.android/adbkey.pub /data/misc/adb/adb_keys
    Win :
    adb push C:\Users\<userName>\.android\adbkey.pub /data/misc/adb/adb_keys

    My paypal: https://www.paypal.me/erfanoabdi

    Tested on:
    I don't have any vendor 8.0 device or exynos or mtk devices to test this GSI.
    must work on them but didn't try it by myself.
    give me logs if didn't worked, or donate me a device :)
    Tested by myself:
    1. Moto Z (A-only)
    2. Moto X4 (AB)
    User reported:
    • Xiaomi Mi A1
    • ZenFone Max Pro (M1)
    • Redmi note 4
    • more...

    Tools source:

    Holy Crap. This is..... Amazing. Gonna try the OOS GSI on Huawei with EMUI 8

    thanks for testing
    if didn't boot, don't forget logs. i need them to fix stuffs...
    @erfanoabdi thanks for bringing such great OS for us and support requested on listed issues resolution if possible.
    @All user, status GSI images for reference and support.

    GSI testing on Oneplus 3T,
    1- Generic Image, working like charm as PIE and battery also ok however hotspot missing.

    2- Pixel Q, booted and working ok except some general lags and hotspot. Need some time to settle with 5 to 6 reboots and every reboot should have 10 mins difference.

    3- Moto, stays on moto animation and not booted successfully.

    4- OOS 10, booted and working laggy with no call out however incoming is ok. Major FC is sim settings even sim setup not opening for checking and select manual network.

    5- Xperia, booted working ok not much laggy however signals not showing, data and call not working but incoming calls are ok. Sim setting also not working for manual checkup and setup.

    6- all other GSI's are bigger than system partition size and cant check them till knowing a solution to reduce size of GSI image which is still unaddressed in this thread or any where else however as per light googling its not possible.

    Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
    hey, yes moto gsi fixed and new version uploaded
    and yes Xperia gsi doesn't have ril on P vendors but works fine on oreo vendors

    thanks for testing ;)
    Question: Does this roms gapps included?

    Thanks for your work.
    MIUI and OOS has Google play app.
    Cool, thanks. That's quite amazing, tbh.
    And if i'm not bothering you, do you have any link for the Sense GSI?
    I'd like to try it sometime.

    thanks ;)
    yep, https://mega.nz/#!YE9iBAJT!NXjLb2OrqHG0TIfGDRN5DqwKln8bL7M25Y_7gKV8H24
    bug:wifi,ril,No boot animation
    this is announced by @PdyLZY on telegram group, i'm not sure is he the developer of it or not

    u can join https://t.me/ErfanGSIs for more info
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