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Pixel 2 Camera Port To Oneplus One ( Arm32 ) Device.

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May 5, 2016
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Jun 15, 2017

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    **** your post title in declarative sentence.

    if you really wanna request a port, use interrogative sentence or imperative sentence, or I'll take you as a clickbait scumbag.

    and **** those clickbait scumbags.
    The best we can expect for the OnePlus One is an old version without new features.

    I've tested on a OnePlus One running LineageOS 14.1 and HDR+ works with this version from B-S-G (one of the main guys working on the port):

    - MGC_2.7.010_4.4+C2API_v2.apk (2018-01-14, changelog, gcam 2.7.x, android 6+)

    Lens blur crashes, but the HDR+ option is available for the front camera:

    Hdr+ and lens blur working fine for me on this Gcam.
    Xda User Arnova8G2 Has ported the potrait mode google camera for non google devices , since i run oreo on my oneplus one i tried to install the apk and ended up with a parsing error, so is it possible that it can be ported to oneplus one or any other arm32 device?
    You get any difference in quality when hdr+ is enabled?