Pixel 2 stuck on boot screen after November update, 15 day Himalaya trek photos lost!

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Nov 24, 2019
Hi, Please help! So on the final day of a 15 day Himalaya trek my phone downloaded and installed the November update. after this the phone would no longer boot just staying on the G loading screen. As I was in the mountains there was no WiFi so the photos hadn't been automatically backing up and I am unable to access them at all now.

Steps tried:
1) restarting device multiple times to access alternate boot (this didn't work).
2) sideload with latest OTA Image (this just did the same thing, stays on the loading screen)
3) Leave phone on loading screen (did this for over 48 hours no change)
4) Contact Google support (did this they said only fix was to factory reset the phone.... NOT HELPFUL!)
look into 3rd party application on windows and mac to access the internal storage (none could see the phone)
5) Unable to sideload a previous version of Android due to the boot loader being locked.

phone is not rooted and as unable to boot cant find a way to do it.

Only other thing I have found would be to do the reset and hope that one of the 3rd party apps will be able to retrieve the data once I can boot back into OS.

Or wait for another OTA Update and try that.

Any help greatly appreciated.