pixel 3 or 3a

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Apr 26, 2019
It comes down to this...

Pixel 3 = Fast processor from 2018 (845), Pixel Visual Core (Processes photos fast), Original Quality Google Photo backups (until 2022).
Pixel 3 = Mid-range processor (670), No pixel visual core (photos will take a bit longer to process), high quality google photo backups only.

If you need the best performance and Google Photo's offering then go for the Pixel 3 or go for the Pixel 3a if you want a bit better battery.


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Sep 8, 2007
After a few weeks of thinking I just ordered a Pixel 3. (Takes a week to deliver it to me though). Decisive for me are:
- 128 gb storage
- smaller form factor

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    on the htc 10, you are used to horrible battery life, correct? if you want this to change and you want good battery life then go for the 3