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Pixel 4 apps constantly crashing and phone constantly restarting

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New member
Sep 15, 2021
Google Pixel 4
I've had a pixel $ for about a year and abit, and all of a sudden my apps are crashing for no reason randomly, and my pone decides to randomly reboot. There is no pattern that i can figure out it just does so anytime even when not using the phone or when charging. I read somewhere that it could be a fauly battery, which would explain the restarts but i'm not sure that would also cause app crashes. I've attatched the system logs incase some kind soul decides to look at it and let me know whether its a software thing or a battery thing.

Thank you


  • bugreport-flame-SPB5.210812.002-2021-09-27-10-40-07-dumpstate_log-14909.txt
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