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Pixel 5 - less than stellar battery life?

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Jul 5, 2009
I'm coming from an Exynos S10e which was great but had terrible battery, so one of the main draws for me on the Pixel 5 was the increased battery life - I need to get a full day of quite heavy use.

So I got the phone and like it a lot, but although battery life is better (it couldn't really fail to be) I'm not getting the terrific screen on time that others are boasting about. I tend to charge up to 80% or so and try to recharge on around 20% and don't watch a ton of video, so I'm mainly checking emails and news, surfing the web, reading text and sometimes dipping into YouTube.

I've currently used 60% in 20 hours, but that includes eight hours of sleep when the phone was idle and has virtually no sustained screen on time. Overnight, the phone uses about 1% an hour with the screen off, although I do have AOD on during the day. If I watch video (adaptive battery and adaptive brightness on) it ticks down pretty fast.

I'm told that Accubattery isn't really accurate, but it had 'battery health' down as 3880mAh (97%) from the get-go, which worries me. (It also has screen on time pegged at 7 hours and 51 minutes, which I absolutely don't believe.)

My questions are 1) Is there anything I can do to check/improve battery life and 2) How accurate are the Accubattery readings likely to be?

Or am I simply expecting too much, which is entirely possible?

Thank you!


Aug 6, 2020
AOD basically cut my time per charge in half, i am not a heavy user so my screen on time is always on the low side. But turning AOD off (and the AOD on move thingy, which apparently triggers all the time when in a pocket or even next to you on a couch) i jumped from ~1.5 days to 3 days per charge (with 3-4 hours SoT light use: podcasts, reading news, etc.).

After the pixel 5 motivated me to go through all those options i set up my old oneplus 3 with the same settings / android 10 and i am getting basically 2 days out of it (again the AOD changes did the trick). Which basically disillusioned me about the Pixel 5 battery, it's nothing special. Just about what you expect from a phone with this battery size and a simple Full HD screen and a SoC that is somewhat energy efficient.

Small Addition:
I'd really be interested in other peoples experience with AOD. I've red people saying things like "you don't need a notification LED when the AOD is so energy efficient" personally i think that is just not true. If you are a power user and you have a daily sot of 5-6 hours maybe. But for people like me that 1% battery drain per hour (i noticed about the same figure when i had AOD on) just adds up to a lot. In two days basically 50% of your battery is gone, if you follow the 80/20 rule, which i do not think is necessary, that basically leaves you with 10% of your battery for other things. Seems like AOD isn't as efficient as some people might want you to believe and a notification LED might something i will look out for on my next phone.

I can't remember what the train without AOD was but it was noticeably less.
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Sep 25, 2012
AOD is a stand by battery killer. For anyone that uses the phone on a desk facing up. Especially in bright areas where the AOD triggers the max brightness.

However. This affects people who has more than 20-24 hours of standby time. People who do... 8:00 to 24:00 every day (so 16 hours standby) is much less affected by AOD battery drain.

So yeah. For light users. Disable AOD is my main recommendations. I stopped using AOD in the last year that I used the Pixel 2.

All the other tweaks are less relevant. But my rule is to just enable what you need.

Example: every time I say ok Google I'm at home with a google home around. So I disabled ok Google from the phone. (I just tap de assistant icon).