General "Pixel 6 doesn’t actually charge at 30W as Google implies, analysis finds 22W max"

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Jan 17, 2008
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I'm inclined to ignore the kernel manager when it says my chargers can hit above 30 watts.
I have to agree with you there. It was hitting over 40W at one point...I ended up getting an inline meter, and even bought a 100W power brick...The highest I got was about 22.5W, and it only intermittently hit probably averaged at 22W at its highest.

I'm sure kernel devs can get it to hit that 30W charge, or very close to it, but would you trust it? I don't know that I would risk damaging the charging circuit, or the battery since Google seems to be unwilling to let us know why it doesn't hit the 30W they fooled us into believing it could hit.

I would think they would have said something by now since they've already released a fix for the fingerprint scanner, and have acknowledged the screen flicker when the phone is off, which somebody claimed was also fixed with the .037 update. I'm not even going to bother checking it since I will never power down my phone and purposefully press the power button in the manner required to make the screen flicker.

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    9to5Google has released an interesting article. I never noticed this, since I charge my phone slowly overnight with a 5 watt wireless charger. Have you guys also experienced this? Can people here with root can confirm wattage measurements? Especially the decrease overtime?

    As it seems, both the Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro are affected by this.

    Google is notorious for having algorithms that sometime suck and need refinement, just like Adaptive Charging that only likes you when you are a normal human being that wakes up in the morning; if you are a night worker, Google doesn't care about you.

    So those paying extra for a Google 30w charger were ripped off, I was already angry at being charged £25 for what is a rubber case
    I was already angry at being charged the same price for phones, even though they removed the headphone jack adapter, the charging brick and the headphones. Manufacturers are like "ah yes, muchos environment benefit!" and "wat? You think we lower our prices because we save money? Muhahaha. No. We just make more money now. CAPITALISM ROCKZ!" - aha. They continue to take things away, but the price is just going up. No idea why other people are not bothered by this development. Especially considering the retail prices that manufactures demand. Just take a look at Google. They want 30 bucks for their charging bricks, 12 bucks for their headphone adapter and their old Pixel headphones are are also 35 bucks. That's 77 bucks MSRP that they just "vanished" - but did they decrease the price of a phone? Nope.

    And Google here is not even the tip of the iceberg. Just take a look at the prices that apple demands for all the things they took away over the years. You can just add another 100 bucks on top of your phone purchase, if you want the same scope of delivery, compared to years past.

    I remember a time when most phones even came with a decent case. Lel... and phones that cost 500-600 bucks were considered high end. Nowadays, that's barely higher midrange...
    I keep hearing people tout this nonsense. There's always a guy or two in every forum that will say something similar to this.

    I'm not buying it. I fast charged the living sh1t out of my 9 Pro all the time.65w. battery goes to 0 to 100 and 29 minutes. Zero battery degradation. Let me repeat that. Zero. Performs just like it did on day one.

    If you don't believe me, just watch Flossy Carter's channel. He talks about it ad nauseam. He has a mi 11 Ultra, and has had it for a year. Has 120 w charging. And his battery is exactly the same as it was when he bought it a year ago.

    In addition to this , people these days are getting a new phone every one or two years.

    I'm sorry the trade-off is more than worth it. Waiting 2 hours for my pixel 6 Pro to charge is ridiculous.
    Do as you please of course. I don't usually fast charge as it does impact battery life. And I don't need to watch any channel about that. I have 25+ years experience as a power electronics engineer working in the power supply industry.
    The lawsuit doesn't stand a chance.
    I don't know if anyone saw this on Google store Pixel 6 Pro battery and charging specs or not:

    Fast charging6 – up to 50% charge in about 30 minutes6 – with Google 30W USB-C® Charger with USB-PD 3.0 (PPS) sold separately

    Even in their testing they mentioned that it does charges the phone at full speed until 50%. And that's what even Google says about it.

    On side note, I have never ever been fan of super high speed charging. This degrades the battery sooner than you can think. There's a reason, Tesla asks its customers not to charge their Tesla at the Supercharger station regularly.
    So those paying extra for a Google 30w charger were ripped off, I was already angry at being charged £25 for what is a rubber case