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    Dinner are saying the

    Are you sure? Some are saying use the. O16 on unlocked phones. I have no idea
    .016.A1 is global.
    .016.A4 is EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern, Africa)
    .016.A5 is Australian carriers
    .017 is US carriers

    It makes no difference whether your device is unlocked or not; the only thing that -might- make a difference is the model number; there was a difference on the Pixel 5 between US and ROW phones. From a software perspective you probably won't see any difference. What changes between the versions is the radio/baseband version which may contain improvements for certain regions. Use the version for your region.
    I'd be nice if they could share which bugs were fixed and which were added
    Hehe, pretty sure that you missed the 100 bug fixes list from last week. Of course they wouldn't tell you which ones the added :D
    It's the 18th, and I'm still not being offered the OTA on my Pixel 6. Is this normal? I'm on Verizon but the phone was purchased from the Google store directly.
    Any phone running on the Verizon network, despite where you got your phone, is normal that you don't get the OTA very fast. I've also heard a rumor that Google stopped pushing the December update, but all I'm doing is further spreading the rumor as I haven't come across any news articles about it.
    How so... ? You seem to be the only one reporting that installing the Dec patch and having it rooted works fine for him.

    Care to share your steps? :)
    First post in the following thread:

    If you read the last 2-3 pages of that thread, you'll see a bunch of others have rooted using a different (not even Canary) version of Magisk. They're more recent, they just haven't made it to the Canary channel yet.


    Here a list of country/version since we have 3 firmware versions running around now