Question Pixel 6 Random Freezes & Rebooting

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Dec 30, 2021
I am facing random freezing and reeboting issue with my pixel 6. It happens more than 7/8 times a day. Very annoying and Google is not responding to this issue. There are many similar complains like this in Google forum and there is no proper reply from Google. December update didn't fix the issue. Is it hardware issue or software? Help please.


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Aug 4, 2015
Random rebooting seems to be a "common" Pixel 6 problem. Most were only able to fix it by getting a new device from Google, some were able to fix it with a factory reset.

Strangely enough, I had the same problems on my first Pixel 6 - then I got a replacement model, got the backup from my old phone (p4 xl) going (again) and never had any reboot problems. Then a couple days ago I rooted my Pixel 3 and transfered my files over from my main Pixel 6 Pro and got the same reboot problem on my Pixel 3 now (~about every 10 minutes of active usage). I found out that it's probably connected to the fingerprint scanner, since about every third time that I use the FP on my P3, the phone reboots. I'll probably try a factory reset on my P3, since I know that the phone worked without issue before. It was probably an unwise idea to get a backup from my P6 going, but then again, F*** Google for not giving us a decent file transfer system. If the only way to get a functioning product is to get a replacement or start with a clean slate, that's a joke in 2021.

That tells me that it's a software issue, but since it's hard to pinpoint/replicate and at least with some P6 Pro users even a factory reset was not able to help, you might have to get a replacement model.
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Nov 29, 2004
I wondered that as well. I also turn off animations. The phone switches screens faster and the fingerprint scanner works better sans animations.


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Jan 10, 2009
Berkshire, UK
Google Pixel 6 Pro
May be a coincidence but.....
I have never had this problem until today.
I usually have animations off. Set them to 0.5 today and my phone froze twice.
I've turned animations off again.

(I also have accessibility services off and have not changed that)