Question Pixel 6a Auto redialing issue...

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Nov 19, 2022
My Pixel 6a auto redials the same number again and again if the called person doesn't pick up or is on other call.
I had sent phone for diagnosis to Google Phone support but they clearly denied that there is no issue even though phone was under warranty.

Sent them videos of Autoredial issue which happens incase of only sim service provider which is behaving normally in other Phones. Height is Google rules out ever there is no hardware or software issues.

After repeated calls and emails B2X their support partner only hinted some updates in future will fix this in issue.

In Google community forums when this question was asked the experts simply denied no relation to Hardware or Software of phone. Over the few Google pixel 6 pro users, also had faced same issue but their threads were soon closed.

Is anyone else facing same issue? Any solution to this.

All steps done Factory Reset, Pixel Repair via online tool and Uninstalling and reinstall phone App.

Please help.



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Jun 5, 2023
i have the same issue. i have to restart my phone(Pixel 6a) and even the call end button doesnot work every time.
Never gonna buy or recommend anyone google phones dont know what the Competitive Coder Developers doing there.