Question Pixel 7 pro ship/delivery dates

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Aug 4, 2015
Pre-ordered whilst the presentation was still going and have 12/13 oct.

Edit: They actually pushed my shipping date further away, I have the e-mail confirmation that says 12/13, but the Google Store overview now says 13/14 oct.

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Feb 25, 2012
I preordered before the show was over, got a P7P 128GB in hazel. My date is Oct 12/13, I said screw it, I'm going with expedited shipping. I'm looking forward to the camera updates. The processor changes sound like some improved battery life is coming - fingers crossed.


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Oct 22, 2014
Pre ordered just after the presentation, ship date of 13-14, didn't have the option of expedited shipping though! (UK)

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    I did my orders in 3 Parts (Europe/Germany)

    1st odered Pixel 7 Pro Obsidian and Watch Polished Silver 16:47 CEST (Google Store ETA between 10/13-14)
    2nd Watch Band 16:59 CEST (Google StoreETA between 10/13-14)
    3rd Phone Silicon Case 17:10 CEST (Google Store ETA between 10/13-14)

    1st: Shipped today 5:45 CEST, picked up by DHL 11:35 CEST in the Nederlands. Package now stores for Boarder departure since 12:03 CEST to Germany. (Expects 10/12-13 now.)

    2nd order departed today, but is stuck at the sorting base -> new ETA in Google Store 10/14-15

    3rd order... nothing so far.

    I guess, if someone ordered between 16:45 and 17:00 CEST in Europe track st courier, the package will arrive between 12-13 of October.
    Got my shipped notification this morning. Mine is coming UPS! Tracking number not yet registering with UPS. Probably a little later today when it actually gets scanned onto a truck. Eagerly looking forward to real life end user reviews of the modem, heat, and battery. I already know the cameras will be more than enough for me.
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    We are ALL looking like kids at XMAS. Waiting for Santa to comes in with our gifts!
    Just got mine, 7 pro green gold.
    Same thing happened for me. I finally got the Google shipping email about an hour after I got the FedEx email.
    Got the same FedEx notification saying it shipped but it took another couple hours for Google's email to come through saying it's shipped so I'd guess yours should be coming soon. I'm in SC with it coming from IL. Says delivery is by 4:30EST on the 13th.
    Like clockwork, got the email from Google!
    My order has just changed to Out For Delivery! Aaaah I'm excited!