Question Pixel 7 Pro/what device you coming from?

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Still using an iPhone and always have a good quality Android phone as well, I already have an Xperia I IV which I love but my phone contract came up for renewal and a P7Pro was available for a very good price, so have just received it.
It's good, the camera is certainly better for point & shoot pics than the Xperia however the Xperia seems more fluid and quicker, plus its screen is better.
The lack of alternative font support on the Pixel is aggravating, especially since I find it hard to achieve a good balance between font size & display size in the settings.


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Apr 24, 2007
I had two LG v60 thinq 5gs on my account. I bought themwhen they were running a BOGO. Buy one for 800 get one free. They gave me 800 dollars each trade in. Plus two pairs of pixel buds 50% off. That's 50bdollars each. Then they have me two 100 dollar prepaid cards as a rebate on top of that. I'll ebay the buds for bout 60 or 70 each. And I get to keep the dual screen cases from the v60 and ebay them for about 100 each. So I have about 800 8nto the old phones. I get back 2140 dollars. The two phones are 1800. So I MAKE 340 on the deal.
My OnePlus 7T pro updated to the horrible Android 12 oxygenos/coloros hybrid. I was tired of the bugs of OnePlus. I really love the phone, it was so ahead of it's time but it was 3 years old and the software kept getting worse and worse. I bought a Pixel 7 pro to replace it.


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OP 9 Pro, because it's not a good phone. I think the last good OP was the 7. And the OPO still to date has the best back of the phone.
I'll be getting a new Pixel 7 Pro in one week (gift from my brother 🥰), and my previous primary phone was OnePlus 7T. It's main board died a month ago so was searching for a new phone that included Pixel 7 Pro and a OnePlus 9 Pro too, but later decided to pick P7Pro. My one and only concern with the P7PRO would be the charging speed and battery life including SOT. Around at the time of purchase of 7T I got around 9-11 hours of SOT with OP7T so never ever worried about charging it, till the battery got deprecated a very few months back. Also I carried the 30T 30W charger always because with a few minutes of charging the battery could give half a day's more power for typical daily usage. My other concern is about the performance of the front cam because I never had any quality issue with, also it was was of superb quality too.

Except these three P7Pro is a lot more ahead on the specs and many features. I'll do miss the alert slider too but nothing much for a concern.

So, just to know, do you still say (I'm pretty sure you'd say) that your Pixel phone is really greater than the OnePlus 9 Pro you were using? Also how are you managing the charging speed and battery life of it compared to OP9Pro?


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Jan 21, 2015
Huawei Mediapad M3
Google Pixel 7
I come from renoir (Mi11Lite5G)
my fingerprint is almost not work on renoir and i really disappointed on memeui. (in custom rom, easily to bootloop suddendly.)
i heard pixel 7 udfps isn't good from here and reddit but for me, it's better then renoir xD (even after install tempered protector)


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Man, I miss my OP7P, that was the best phone. I had 9Pro in between but that was a dumpster fire so I'm here now. I still have my 7Pro as a backup and something to experiment with.
I still have my 7T Pro ME, it is a damn good phone. I'm using a 8T now, but thinking about using my 8T as my backup phone and making my 7T my primary phone again lol


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Jul 15, 2014
Paradise Valley
Most recently was the z fold 4. Will be going to an s23 ultra in a couple months. It's just what I do. Definitely coming back to the pixel in 10 months....really loving this phone for the most part.


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Jan 24, 2011
Long Beach
After trying to unlock my iPhone 13 pro max for over a month with T mobile and switching to another carrier I decided to take advantage of the trade in deal and sale price.

I actually like my iPhone but after T mobile gave me such a problem after I met all of their unlock requirements except one- third party retailer. Bought it from Best buy. I should still be able to unlock it but it has been a month. Calling almost daily and trying t force on Facebook. I am so angry with T mobile.

I will probably get another iPhone down the road but for now the Pixel 7 Pro will be my main phone.


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Jul 21, 2009
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Coming from an Oppo Find X2 , which suddenly started having issues with many sensors that wre making me mad. P7P doesnt have them ColorOS gimmicks but looks really solid, better screen better cameras better battery life, I know i'll miss that 65W charging but the 4200 battery of the Find X2 had to get some juice during the day. P7P don't need that

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    OP 9 Pro, because it's not a good phone. I think the last good OP was the 7. And the OPO still to date has the best back of the phone.
    Oneplus 7 pro
    Had it for 3 years now, i used to change my phone every year before the op7p.
    It had been one of the greatest phones i have ever used. I will miss 2 things the most, alert slider and the hidden front camera. The oneplus 7 pro has a full screen, no cutouts or notches. I loved the privacy of having the front camera not staring at you all the time.
    But after 3 years you could feel the age of the phone. Don't get me wrong, it still can go from another year or two handling most of the tasks.
    Looking forward for my snow p7p 256gb. Can't wait to start tinkering with the software.
    Pixel 6 Pro to Pixel 7 Pro for me:) I will be passing the 6 Pro to my mother to upgrade her from a Pixel 3 XL
    Iphone 14 Pro Max. Had it for a total of 23 days before I gave up on it. I traded-in my Pixel 6 Pro for it, so I'm using my backup Pixel 3 until the Pixel 7 arrives.
    I've the S22 Ultra sky blue 512GB and getting the Pixel 7 Pro snow 512...

    Had every OnePlus since 5T ---5T,6T,7Pro,8Pro(the best in my opinion) and 9Pro.. Skipped the 10pro cause DEV was stangant and since OnePLUS started merging things with the OPPPO side of things and custom develolpment stangnated i decided to jump ship ...